Gomukhasana = Shoelace Pose


Shoelace Pose

Anatomical Aspect

The Shoelace pose is both energizing & relaxing. Our thigh bones roll inward in internal rotation providing compression in the hip joint. We get a stretch into the ankles, hips and thighs. If we engage the arms it will also stretch into the shoulders, armpits and triceps. The optional forward fold offers a decompression of the spine and stimulates our intestines benefiting our digestion.
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Energetic Aspect

Yin Yoga

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In a Yin practice, energetically we target the Gall Bladder channel. This channel is relating to the wood element and the emotion of anger. The Urinary-Bladder channel relates to the Water element and fear-based emotions. It encourages better circulation overall while calming the mind of any frustrations.

Yang Yoga

In a Yang traditional it is known as Cow face pose or Gomukhasana as the shape is said to represent the face of a cow.

Mythological Aspect

Large parts of the East regard cows as a symbol of prosperity and peace, holding a connection to earth energy. In some of the oldest yogic texts, the earth-goddess Prithvi was born in the form of a cow. Other stories in Hindu mythology include Kamadhenu, the name of the sacred cow, who is regarded as the source of all prosperity, the ‘miraculous cow of plenty’.

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The cow is essentially seen as a sacred & humble being.

Gomukhasana or Shoelace teaches us to be humble within our practice. To meet the body exactly where it is in the moment & being true to yourself. Being honest may mean using props or variations & doing what feels right instead of what we think looks aesthetically pleasing. It means listening to the body & cultivating a loving practice.

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