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Within Yin yoga you may find as teachers we give little if any alignment cues. We don’t tell you to place your foot in a certain way, or your knee at a precise angle. We do not have a perfect pose. This approach would focus too much on how a pose looks, referred to as aesthetic alignment. We focus only on how the pose feels. When you participate in a Yin Teacher Training (Bali) you might learn how to teach to your future student how to identify feeling instead of shapes.

Yin yoga instead looks for functional alignment. It recognizes that our skeletal anatomy varies. The size, angles, and curves of your bones differ from person to person. The person next to you might feel great doing something that could be harmful to you. You may not functionally be able to do it, or it may not assist you in getting anything effective from the exact same shape.

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Within a Yin Yoga class…

…you may be offered by the teacher different variations of the same pose. The variations allow different bodies to target the same focus area. It is very normal for us all to look different from each other within a class or a training.

This is so each person can align his or her own body to serve the pose’s intention. The specific way the pose is meant to stress, stimulate or stretch the body. This will help to access certain physical areas and stimulate specific meridians and balance emotions.

It is how the pose functionally serves you that matters.; how it feels physically as we begin to hold, & learning to honor any messages your body offers.

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As we relax into this way of viewing the practice and begin to trust the process. It becomes a beautiful effective tool for releasing tightness, tension, increases flexibility and joint mobility, and can rebalance the body, mind, and spirit. As we truly let go and allow our body to take its own shape.

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Thanks Claire from www.akirayoga.com for this collaboration.