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Vinyasa, Flow & Yin
Aerial Yoga

Types of yoga WE PRACTICE


It is a creative, fun, alignment-based style of yoga that can also be used as a prop to support and enhance everyday asanas such as warriors. Practicing inversions with the belt becomes easier and safer.

Aerial Yoga


The sequence is designed towards a “peak pose”. We move through the poses guided by the breath preparing the body and the spirit for the “final pose” before relaxation.

Stacking a few poses one after another, repeating them a few times and adding more to build complexity into our ladder. This class structure has the perfect combination for online classes. It allows us to have a moment focused on each pose and at the same time to flow through them.


Slow-paced style of yoga. The muscles are relaxed while the practice targets your deep connective tissues. Once we enter into the pose we let gravity do the job for us.

yin yoga shapes
Ahstanga yoga


Means 8 limbs. It is a practice based on 8 principles, following the same sequence and series of poses in a precise order. It can be physically demanding. The repetition through the same sequence every class helps to develop a high sense of awareness on each pose.