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Olga RUS

-“I liked the course. It was easygoing and understandable.”

Gentiane BE (40)

-” The aerial yoga helped me to overcome my own limits. Thank you Pilu, every time I do a class it is a big step forward. Amazing stretching but also a good muscle work out and always fun! I can’t wait to start all over again.”

Mariya RU (29)

-“Thank you Pilu for these classes. Now I can do fly high regularly. I like the sensation I have after every class. Feeling like flying and relax, also the feeling of a good muscle workout. I recommend everyone to try this!”

Jenna DE (34)

-“The aerial yoga experience was physically challenging and also left me feeling completely relaxed in my body and mind. Combining excellent sequencing, great cues, smooth transitions, an all around amazing class.”

Emma EN

-“I told myself that my body could not do something and actually she has guided me through and I can overcome several of the boundaries that I have placed on my head”

Ricarda DE

“It is such a nice deep stretch in all kind of ways… a new way to trust your own body

Blanca SP

“The classes were really incredible… At the beginning you may thought it’s going to be difficult, but not at all”

Declan IR

“It’s like being a kid again and playing… I could fly”

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