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lower back relief

How to relieve lower back pain?

Sometimes, the hustle and bustle of our daily lives do not allow us to …
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yoga alliance

Continued yoga certification

If you are a yoga teacher, you have probably completed your 200h certification at …
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Practice yoga online

The internet is full of free and paid online classes. What are its advantages …
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private yoga instructor

Private Yoga Instructor

How much do a private yoga instructor cost in us? Private yoga classes can …
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yoga for scoliosis

Aerial Yoga for Scoliosis

Aerial yoga is gaining popularity because of its amazing health benefits. One of them …
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can beginners do aerial yoga

Can beginners do Aerial Yoga?

Aerial yoga for beginners can seem very challenging and it’s totally normal to feel …
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aerial yoga benefits

Aerial Yoga Benefits

Practicing aerial yoga and be hanging from the sky can be a lot of …
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improve your flexibility

Improve your flexibility.

Gaining flexibility is one of the main benefits of aerial yoga and also one …
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how to prepare your mind for your first yoga class

How to prepare your mind for your first yoga class?

Trying something new can be very challenging. It can make you anxious and uncomfortable …
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finding the best yoga swing

Finding the best Yoga Swing

Yoga continues to expand and flourish in many directions. From the most traditional styles …
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choosing a yoga teacher training

5 tips | Choosing a Yoga Teacher Training

Tips for future yoga teachers. Choosing the right yoga teacher training for you First, …
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love yourself in a hammock

Love yourself in a hammock

We all want to be liked We all want to be seen, acknowledged and …
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how to travel to bali

How to travel to Bali?

  Were you looking for a yoga teacher training in Bali? Do you want …
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padmasana lotus pose

Padmasana = Lotus Pose

To Lotus or not to Lotus? Our individual bone structure plays an important part …
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kirtan and aerial yoga

Kirtan & Aerial Yoga

Aerial Yoga Music | Kirtan Practice Aerial Yoga with live music. The Indian Harmonium …
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attitude the best weapon

Attitude: the best weapon

EVERYTHING IS A MATTER OF ATTITUDE A documentary about three men hunting in Africa …
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self exploration


How to deal with anxiety? When we close our eyes, we open up and …
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9 obstacles on the path yoga sutras

9 Obstacles on the Path – YOGA SUTRAS

OBSTACLES ON THE PATH OF YOGA, Patanjali 9 Obstacles on the Path we might …
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types of yoga

Types of Yoga

Some of the most popular types of yoga. Traditional and modern yoga styles. VINYASA …
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we dont sweat out toxins but

We don’t sweat out toxins but…

How do we purify ourselves through sweating? Some people, like myself, enjoy the feeling …
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aerial yoga benefits before and after

Aerial Yoga Benefits | Before & After

Lower back pain or discomfort in our bodies due to certain habits, such as …
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