Is aerial yoga more difficult than traditional yoga?

Aerial yoga is more difficult than traditional yoga, FALSE. In fact, the swing helps us do asanas that can be more demanding on the floor.


The aerial yoga hammock works as an assistant, it gives us support to reach the posture and concentrate on details to understand it better.

postura yoga aereo

One of the most notable benefits is in inverted postures, which in traditional yoga require a lot of control.


With the help of the aerial yoga swing we can access the benefits of upside-down asanas in a more accessible way.

In turn, the joints and spine are freed from tension and their flexibility increases.

This is due to the absence of elements that limit our movements, such as the floor and walls.


Thus, aerial yoga can be suitable for all levels, from beginner to advanced. Aerial yoga is not more difficult.

But is aerial yoga just traditional yoga on a swing?

The answer is yes, aerial yoga is yoga with a swing or a yoga hammock.

Traditional yoga asanas adapted to the swing are practiced in different ways.


This gives this discipline incredible versatility, adapting to the different needs of its practitioners.


All this amalgamated coherently, so it is not just the sum of its parts.

Can I combine traditional yoga with aerial yoga?

Of course!

One of the already mentioned benefits of aerial yoga is the weightlessness in which we find ourselves on the swing.


Thus, we can focus on specific aspects of a posture, which will then help us perform it on the ground.

It can be an excellent option to enrich your traditional yoga practice, or to get out of your routine. The practice will become more acrobatic and perhaps fun thanks to the combination of yoga on the mat with the hammock.


With the right instruction, aerial yoga can offer a rewarding experience, potentially improving your overall health and well-being.


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