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She is a passionate traveler, circus acrobat, Freedive instructor and yoga teacher with an eye for detail. Her strong, persistent personality and willingness to develop her skills in varied disciplines has brought her to the place she is now.

Having over eight years of yoga experience, she decided to become an Ashtanga yoga teacher, in Mysore, India in 2017 and has been guiding more than 11.000 students since then (in person and online). Her practice has changed over the years, experiencing thought different styles of yoga (vinyasa, aerial yoga, yin, SUP yoga). Now days after a Vinyasa Training with Briohny Smith, Pilu has created her own style; integrating all the practices she likes into her classes.

Longing for aerial silks, that feeling of being upside down and connecting with her inner child, she found the yoga swing an incredible tool to work on her alignment. This practice has allowed her to improve her hip alignment, allowing her feet and mind to be more grounded. She believes the yoga swing creates awareness and the ability to target the practice in a very precise way.

Yin Yoga brought balance to her active and energetic life. This practice helped her to stop putting so much pressure on herself and start accepting who she is. She considers Yin Yoga as an essential tool for her life when she feels unbalanced.

How did SUP yoga help Pilu?

As a curious individual, traveling and living in seven different countries over twelve years, Pilu’s mind became busy finding it hard to find peace during her practice. SUP yoga helped to be present and connect back to nature during her practice. Once she is on the board there is no need to force the mind to focus on the now, the focus comes along with the balance.

To discover her truly self, to bring out what was hide inside allowing it to flow and appreciated. Thanks of that the vinyasa practice was the door for her MEDITATION practice.

To be at peace, to understand it is not one way to do things and be ok with that. To be able to observe herself from perspective and recognized the mental patterns. To start to treat herself as she treats others, with kindness, compassion and love.

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