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Hi! Welcome to Salty Water Yoga.

My name is Pilu, a passionate Aerial Yoga Teacher. I want to invite you to expand your practice and share the world from a new perspective.

I have created an Aerial Yoga Training ONLINE to bring this amazing practice to your home.  

Aerial Yoga Online

aerial yoga

A new, attractive and versatile style of yoga. The combination of the belt with your practice is a simple and unique tool for defying gravity.

It is creative, fun, alignment-based style of yoga that can also be used as a prop to support and enhance everyday asanas such as warriors. Practicing inversions with the belt becomes easier and safer.

Ashtanga, Vinyasa, Yin and Meditation

We offer you one hour of peace and connection.

The combination of the different styles of yoga provides balance and the opportunity to experience the different aspects of yoga in depth.

These classes are designed to be taught online.

Advice, thoughts, practice, music, all about yoga.


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aerial yoga online
Is it possible to do Aerial Yoga at home?

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Enjoy the flow classes, stretching sessions, meditation, aerial yoga tutorials and more.


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Explore The upside down World

View the world through a new perception, connecting with your inner child while practicing upside down.