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Aerial Yoga is an amazing way to help with mat yoga poses allowing you to concentrate on the alignment of your body with the freedom of all round space and the security provided by the strap. Pilu takes you through the technicalities of the straps to ensure each pose is safe allowing you to try each pose with full confidence.I am always excited to attend each class and have so much fun seeing if I can achieve the positions that look almost impossible!
Aerial Yoga Testimonials Rowena
Pilu is a very dedicated teacher. She takes into account each person as an individual, understands their strengths and weaknesses, pushes each person to progress with their own capabilities, whilst making sure everyone feels safe and comfortable. In one week intensive yoga with Pilu, she gave me passion for yoga, I progressed a lot and I became more aware of my own body, understanding what I need to work on, and I feel much better thanks to her! So no doubt, she is a very talented and dedicated teacher!!
Aerial Yoga Testimonials Michelle Struye
Michelle Struye
The Aerial Yoga classes I took with Pilu helped me develop flexibility, strength, and better breathing when it came to putting my body in motion. One of the things that I liked the most about the class was that we mixed strength exercises with moments of meditation, which made me leave the class totally relaxed and with a feeling of enormous happiness. This was reflected in my daily life, because I was less stressed, happier and more willing to do things.
I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend attending a special SUP yoga retreats with Pilu to any of my friends or yoga students!! I was really impressed with the variety of things which were included in such a short space of time; a delicious vegan food, daily practice of sup yoga, trips, inspiring talks and beautiful island! I think that Pilu is very talented and inspirational teacher. Every time it left me feeling both relaxed and energetic in my body and mind. Oh, and do try her private classes!. They’re a real yoga masterpiece!
Aerial Yoga Testimonials Agnieszca
Agnieszca Kowalska
While I loved learning new things and new Yoga techniques, having a highly motivated and knowledgeable teacher definitely make the difference! Pilu always takes her class very seriously, is highly reliable when it comes to safety. She knows all those little tips for you to manage to go through your poses. Her positive and dedicated attitude makes her classes really enjoyable! She can communicate in English and Spanish alike. I can't recommend her classes enough, she's a great teacher!
Aerial Yoga Testimonials Isabel
Isabel Dominguez
Aerial Yoga classes with Pilu were a great experience. As a yoga teacher I sometimes make the mistake of being prejudiced against some styles of yoga, and Pilu taught me that Aerial Yoga is fun, but it also increases strength and mobility of the whole body and is a wonderful opportunity for reflection from a different point of view, never better said. The first thing that I liked is the introduction that Pilu made before starting: the basic safety rules and how to use the aerial swing. We continue to become aware of the breath and practice the right breath for the practice. Throughout the class Pilu gives adaptations of the postures, taking into account the experience, abilities and limits of the students. Pilu made me feel very safe and supported at all times, making the practice a positive and respectful experience with the body.
Aerial Yoga Testimonials Andrea
Andrea Abián
Pilu is great with understanding where you are at. I have taken many classes from her Fly High Yoga, SUP Yoga, Yin Yoga... I HIGHLY recommend taking her class!!!
Highly recommend. Pilu is very knowledgeable, patient and skill.

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