110hs Certified Yoga Alliance | Nusa Lembongan, Bali

Immerse yourself in a 12-day anatomy & vinyasa yoga training dedicated to the practice of yoga and the study of asanas in an environment away from the crowds, experiencing authentic Balinese culture.



Understand the science behind your practice and allow it to enrich your life both on and off the mat. Learn to create your own yoga sequences with innovative exploration techniques.



Our Anatomy & Vinyasa Training is designed to benefit both yoga teachers looking to expand their knowledge in other styles of yoga and practitioners who want to enrich their experience.


anatomy yoga

Learn to apply scientific anatomy concepts for clear understanding in daily classes.

yoga alignment

Emphasize alignment from physical and energetic viewpoints to deepen the connection. 

vinyasa anatomy

Build a strong foundation in anatomy, physiology, and biomechanics for safer practice and meaningful teaching. Strength versus flexibility.

yoga mythology

Yoga philosophy and Hindu mythology, uncover pose stories to infuse depth into your practice or teaching.

study asanas

Deep understanding of yoga poses through daily yoga practice and Asana Labs. Systematic program, lesson planning, and practice teaching for communication skills.

vinyasa training

Explore creativity, practice ethics, and learn about the business of yoga.

meditation pranayama lembongan

The benefits of pranayama, how to practice eight different techniques, and face the challenges of meditation along with eight distinct methods.

Syllabus Anatomy & Vinyasa Yoga Training

Study of classical yoga texts. Yoga Sutras: understand the struggles explain on the yoga sutras to empathy with yourself. The obstacles are the path itself. The 8 limbs of Patanajali:following the path of the 8 limbs will help us to unveil the layer on our heart to connect with our true self.

Mythology: story telling yoga classes to learn the history behind the asanas to cultivate their power and benefits.

Overview of the history and evolution of yoga.

Alignment and adjustment of asanas.

Sequencing and class planning.

Anatomy and physiology related to yoga practice.

Asana Lab: deconstruct each asana from anatomical perspective and energetical too. Have a high comprehension on the foundation and purposes of the yoga poses to then be able to offer variation and create fluid sequences. Apply the anatomy to yoga classes, bring it to common language.

Each yoga class is specific design for each day of the ytt, and the theory that will go through on the same day. This structure helps you to interiorize the learning and have a holistic experience. Mind-body-soul.

Breath awareness.

Experience different technique to improve your life quality. We learn step by step to then be able to share the practice with your students too. 

Introduction to various meditation techniques.

Mindfulness and concentration practices.

Study of the last four limbs on the path of yoga.

The 20 hours online anatomy coursework is available for completion before the training begins. In-person anatomy classes during the training.

Understanding the human body and its systems.

How anatomy relates to yoga practice and injury prevention.

Practice of cleansing techniques that aim to purify the body, mind, and energy systems.

Principles of effective guiding. Develop communicational skills based on our true voice. Encourage to be clear and precise on our intention.

Classroom management.

Practice teaching and receiving feedback.

Sequencing: once having the structural bases is time to free the creativity, explore, do mistake and try again.

Chakras: learn the theory to then understand the practice of them. The study of koshas, Gunas and the Nadis.

Ethics and Professionalism.

Running a yoga studio or business.

Written exams for doubt verification.

Teaching demonstration to expirience a real class situation.


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"I have been doing yoga for over 7 years as a hobby and I have been to various yoga workshops. And in this year I decided to take a 110 hours Vinyasa teacher training with Pilu at “Yoga Dunya” for myself. Not to teach, but to learn more about yoga. And I'm delighted!!!! Two weeks went by very quickly! And I learned a lot. I learned a lot about asanas, building poses. About breathing. That improved my practice 100 times!"
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"I am so grateful that I found this place and its location, a little removed from the craziness of mainland Bali. We have this incredible environment and amazing people, and it has been such a wholesome and amazing experience."
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"I learnt so much not only about teaching but also about my own practice, met so many amazing people including Audrey, Pilu and Claire who run the course, and got to live on the beautiful island of Nusa Lembongan for a month."
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If you are wanting a yoga teacher training that is well organized and professionally run whilst also being welcoming , inclusive and supportive sign up with Yoga Dunia Lembongan. Thank you Audrey, Claire and Pilu for your dedication to providing a Yoga training that comes from the heart.
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"I did 200hrs Yoga Teacher Training by Pilu. It was exceptionally good and could be recommended for everybody who wants to become a teacher or just want to improve their skills. Pilu is one of a kind."


The small group size, allowing the teacher to effectively engage with each student and the breath taking location.


The fusion of traditional yoga foundations with a contemporary application has given rise to a harmonious blend. By comprehending the essence of this practice within the context of modern times, a genuine and authentic experience emerges.


Within this realm, both teacher and student have the opportunity to express their true selves, thereby paving the way for profound transformations.


The voyage of yoga becomes a means to rediscover our authentic selves and establish a deep connection with our inherent truth.

yoga certified lembongan


anatomy yoga
20hs of Anatomy online + in person classes

Understanding how muscles, bones, joints and body systems relate in each posture allows classes to be tailored to the individual needs of students, considering their physical limitations and providing appropriate adjustments.


Knowing anatomy is essential to guiding yoga students safely and effectively, avoiding injuries and maximizing the benefits of the practice.

yoga training lembongan

Example of a yoga teacher training day on Lembongan:

  • 7am -8:30 Yoga Class
  • Breackfast
  • 9:15am-12:30am Lectures*
  • Lunch 
  • 2pm-4:30pm Lectures
  • 4:30pm-6pm Yoga Class

*Lectures includes Theory, Asana Labs and practical exercises.

The 110-hour Vinyasa & Anatomy Yoga Teacher Training can be extended with an additional hours of Yin Yoga to achieve a complete

200-hour certification.



Pilu Yoga

Lead Teacher | E-RYT 500hs | 8 years of experience as a yoga teacher, over 12 years of experience as a practitioner.

rachel 1

Rachel Ellery

Anatomy Teacher | Founder of The Anatomy School | Graduated from British School of Osteopathy | 17 years of experience teaching functional anatomy, body work techniques and movement.



Certifications and final exams will be treated differently for experienced yogis compared to those who are already yoga teachers.

Yoga Teacher Training Nusa Lembongan

Included on the anatomy & vinyasa training price:




June 2nd to 13th, 2024

November 3th to 14th, 2024




Full value 1.436$ US

Early Bird 1.220$ US
Super Early Bird 1.148$ US 

+ Accommodation from $1268


The Shala is located 20 meters from a quiet beach.


All prices are in USD. 
*Super Early Bird & Early Bird must be booked 90 & 60 days prior to course start date to be eligible for the discount.

yoga training lembongan


Tuition & Breakfast
$ 1436 us dollars
  • Early Bird $1220
  • SUPER Early Bird $1148
bali dorm

Shared room

4 beds & en-suite bathroom
$ 1556 us dollars
  • Early Bird $1340
  • SUPER Early Bird $1268
Yoga teacher training bali private room

Private room

Guesthouse & en-suite bathroom
$ 1712 us dollars
  • Early Bird $1496
  • SUPER Early Bird $1424
Bali bungalow yoga

Wooden Bungalow

Private balcony
$ 1748 us dollars
  • Early Bird $1532
  • SUPER Early Bird $1460

If this is what you're looking for, let's have a chat.

Booking conditions:

  • Yoga Dunia reserve the right to refuse a student’s application for a teacher training event.
  • All trainees attending our events must have their own travel and medical insurance for the duration of the training.
  • By signing up for the Teacher Training course, you commit 100% to the course content with an open heart and motivation.

Cancellation Policy:

  • If you choose to cancel within 30 days of the start date all payments are non-refundable.
  • Before this date, your booking and the amount paid will be postponed toward a future teacher training or retreat within a 12-month period.
  • Please note this does not include the original deposit paid.


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