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Aerial Yoga


Why yoga in Bali?

Bali is ideal for going through a moment of transformation as important as a yoga teacher training course. It is an excellent destination for those looking for a quiet environment surrounded by nature. This is not only thanks to its geography, but also to its people. BUT WHERE IS BALI? AND IS IT JUST ONE …

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back pain

Lower Back Pain

I would venture to say that 86% of the people who come to my yoga classes suffer from lower back pain. The serious thing is that it is accepted as normal, as if it were inevitable. It is possible to relieve back pain.   Do you suffer from any spinal pathology, herniated disc or urinary …

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Yoga Inversions

Yoga inversions poses have several benefits.   Imagine reversing, for a few minutes, the direction of a river. All his energy would be boosted, renewing and recharging his forces. This energetic renewal is what our body experiences when we practice yoga inversions.   Could it be that our arboreal ancestors already practiced it hanging from …

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Anti-aging  Body, mind and time. Understanding that youth is the step that prepares us for maturity is key to fully enjoying it. Trying to recover our youth, without enjoying the charisma that experience gives us, leads us to suffer our maturity. The passing of the years does not take anything away from us. On the …

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yoga by the sea

Yoga by the sea

Oceans!!! source of inspiration. There are few things in life more rewarding than being in harmonious contact with nature. And the ocean is something that predominates here in Indonesia. Yoga by the sea. Photographer: @ocean_of_maria When we connect with the ocean, we can feel it breathing, through the pulses that we call waves. We feel …

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