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geminis y sagitario

Understanding Gemini and Sagittarius

GEMINI – SAGITTARIUS In previous articles, we introduced what Zodiac Signs are; we meditated upon the Principle of Polarity operating in reality and the paradigm of Polarization conditioning our consciousness; and we talked about how astrology correlates with this. We invite you to visit these articles in order to understand what will be discussed next. In this new article, we are …

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Opposing and complementary signs

What does astrology propose regarding Polarity and Polarization? As one dives into the Astrological Symbols, it becomes clear that poles, far from being in conflict, separated, or excluding one another, are actually interconnected, complementary.  The signs are opposite and complementary. Poles exist in a dynamic of interpenetration, in Yin-Yang. At the heart of the illuminated …

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yoga teacher

The 9 obstacles in the path of Yoga

Navigating Patanjali’s 9 Obstacles on the Path of Yoga: overcoming barriers to transformation.   On yoga’s journey toward self-exploration and spiritual growth, we encounter internal challenges that may seem like obstacles in our path.   These obstacles, known as the “Nine obstacles in the path of yoga”, are part of the Yoga Sutras of Patanjali. …

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