Learn to Fly! aerial yoga

Un estilo de yoga nuevo y versátil que permite explorar movimientos en un ambiente creativo.

El programa Learn to Fly!está disponible por el momento sólo en inglés
Donde sea que te encuentres en el mundo puedes sumarte a cuatro semanas de Yoga Aéreo desde tu casa! Conoce los fundamentos y toma vuelo! Con sólo 30 minutos diarios podrás volar con confianza en poco tiempo!

Si quieres explorar nuevas prácticas, reconectar con tu niño interior y jugar en un ambiente seguro... este curso es PARA TI!


Emma EN

-“I told myself that my body could not do something and actually she has guided me through and I can overcome several of the boundaries that I have placed on my head”

Ricarda DE

“It is such a nice deep stretch in all kind of ways… a new way to trust your own body

Blanca SP

“The classes were really incredible… At the beginning you may thought it’s going to be difficult, but not at all”

Declan IR

“It’s like being a kid again and playing… I could fly”

Volar suena emocionante, verdad?

Toma un vistazo a las clases del Programa Learn to Fly!

Desde la comodidad de tu casa podrás acceder a este amazing NEW Learn to Fly! Yoga Program para aprender desde un nivel principiante a avanzado secuencias y poses.

El Programa está diseñado en 4 módulos , cada uno de una semana de duración, aunque podrás elegir hacerlo a tu propio ritmo.

Súmate y déjame guiarte a través de prácticas de exploración, disfrute, movimiento, amor propio y aceptación. Este programa está dictado en inglés.

Greet Yourself
Suptha Baddha Konasana
Forward Entry
Adho Mukha Svanasana Variations
Ladder Flow
Flamingo Class

Finding Balance
Ladder Flow
Be the Movement
Funcky Transitions
Let’s give ourselves some love

Let’s play
Stand upside down
Open Heart
Rise Up
Let’s give ourselves some love

Dancing with the belt
Feeling like a kid
Playing around
Eka Pada Koundiniasana 2
Yin Yang

By participating in the Aerial Yoga Program you agree to be ultimately responsible for your own health and safety.

Fly High Yoga Program

What students say

Mariya RU (29)

-“Thank you Pilu for these classes. Now I can do fly high regularly. I like the sensation I have after every class. Feeling like flying and relax, also the feeling of a good muscle workout. I recommend everyone to try this!”

Gentiane BE (40)

-” The aerial yoga helped me to overcome my own limits. Thank you Pilu, every time I do a class it is a big step forward. Amazing stretching but also a good muscle work out and always fun! I can’t wait to start all over again.”

Jenna DE (34)

-“The aerial yoga experience was physically challenging and also left me feeling completely relaxed in my body and mind. Combining excellent sequencing, great cues, smooth transitions, an all around amazing class.”

The Aerial Yoga program contains 4 MODULES

Self-exploration while discovering the Fly High Yoga belt
Building confidence towards freedom to fly
Time to free the inner child
Ready to Fly!

Each module contains 6 classes a week having one day off to rest.

If you feel inspired and don’t want to take a day off, I have prepared 8 tutorials for you with the foundational inversions and challenging transitions.

With your subscription to LEARN TO FLY! Program you also have access to the Private Facebook Group where I can answer your questions about aerial yoga and you can connect and share your yoga fly experience with the others.

With the purchase of the program the Fly High Yoga belt is delivered to the door of your house.

Enroll and swing to your aerial yoga journey!

Sign up now and 

Learn to fly!
in four weeks


(US dollar)

Your online program includes

24 recorded classes available from the beginning

8 recorded tutorials of inversions and challenging transitions

One year access to the program

The Fly High Yoga Belt deliver to your home

The aerial sequences and poses are thought to swing from beginners to advanced

You can do at your own pace

Free access to the FB Group to share experiences and answer you rquestions

FAQ's about aerial yoga practice online

The answer is no! It is a course design for beginners or for people with experience who wants to be guide in their aerial yoga practice.

Aerial yoga is very safe, but like with any sport you have to take the right precautions.
Please take live classes with a teacher who can modify your practice if any of the following items apply to you:
High blood pressure, heart related problems, eye issues (seen floaters in eye), neck problems, epilepsy, previous stroke or sinus problems. At any stage of pregnancy yoga should be practiced in a specifically designed, prenatal yoga classes or privately with a qualified pregnancy yoga teacher.
During menstruation, inversions should preferably be avoided or should at least not be held for a long amount of time. At the end of the day this comes down to personal choice.
If you are unsure whether it is appropriate for you, email us AND ask your doctor. 

For a 6 months! Once you’ve enrolled and paid, you’ll have access to the course material for a half of year. So devour it all in four weekend or take things slow. It’s your choice!

I’d be happy to answer any questions you might have. Send me an email at [email protected]

By participating in the Aerial Yoga Program you agree to be ultimately responsible for your own health and safety.

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