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Interesting facts about Yin Yoga

  • It is based on Chinese medicine, not on Ayurveda.
  • The 5 elements related to Yin Yoga are: Water, Wood, Fire, Earth, and Metal.
  • There is a connection between Monkey Kung-fu and the creation of Yin Yoga.
  • It helps with joint lubrication.


During the Yin Yoga Teacher Training in Bali, you will have a full experience of the practice. You will learn Yin Asanas and the fundamentals of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM). To enhance the understanding of yin practice, you will study “yin anatomy” which differs significantly from yang practice as we target plastic, non-elastic tissues. Additionally, we delve into Daoist philosophy (Yin & Yang), and more.


Depending on your time and interests, you can choose to do a 50-hour Yin & TCM YTT or a 100-hour Yin & TCM YTT.

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The YTT includes a comprehensive manual with pictures covering all class information.


“As the lead teacher, I recognize that Yin YTTs can be overly theoretical. I’ve designed these trainings to promote interactive, multisensory learning.” 




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"It was an amazing experience. I chose this little island; the surroundings give you such good energy and calmness. This yoga teacher training was perfect for me as I am a yoga teacher and I wanted to add to my knowledge. Thanks to the teacher, Pilu, and all the staff."
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"I really love the space; we have a really nice atmosphere and group. We learned a lot about Yin yoga, and now I feel confident to teach Yin yoga in Germany."
John Doe
John Doe
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"I am very happy with the course and I feel that I am learning a lot."

What you will learn & Practice


50-hour Yin & TCM YTT 

7 days | From 7 am to 4:30 pm


  • Yin yoga classes
  • Origin of Yin Yoga
  • Understanding the concept of Yin and Yang
  • Daoist philosophy and it influence in Yin Yoga
  • 40+ Yin Yoga Asanas
  • Yin Anatomy
  • Sequencing, how to create your own sequences and variations for students
  • Practice teaching
  • Principles of TCM and application to the Yin Yoga practice
  • Yin Aerial Yoga class
  • Date & Price

100-hour Yin & TCM YTT 

12 days (one day off) | From 7 am to 6 pm


Moreover, building upon the 50-hour curriculum, the 100-hour YTT distinguishes itself with an emphasis on more Yin Yoga asanas, additional Yin Aerial Yoga classes, and extra focus on practice teaching and sequencing creation.


Additionally, the curriculum includes topics such as:

  • The Chinese Body Clock
  • Asana Lab: Yin asanas with AERIAL YOGA
  • Meditation and Pranayama theory
  • Mudras
  • Ethics and Professionalism
  • Date & Price

The 100-hour Yin Yoga Teacher Training can be extended with additional hours specifically from a Vinyasa Teacher Training course to achieve a complete 200-hour certification.


Example of a yoga teacher training day on Lembongan:


  • 7am -8:30 Yoga Class
  • Healthy breakfast (included)
  • 9:15am-12:30am Lectures*
  • La teoría se encuentra en los videos y en los textos del manual, al igual que las asanas de yoga aéreo.
  • 2pm-4:30pm Lectures or Yoga Class (50hs YTT)
  • 4:30pm-6pm Yoga Class (100hs YTT)

*Lectures include Theory, Asana Labs, and practical exercises.

In yoga training, the teacher is our guiding source, shaping our journey


Pilu Yoga

Yin | Lead Teacher | E-RYT 500hs | 8 years of experience as a yoga teacher, over 12 years of experience as a practitioner.

Pilu started her professional yoga journey in Mysore, India with Ashtanga. Over time, she started to incorporate Yin Yoga into her personal practice. In early 2018 she decided to take a Yin Yoga Training with one of Jo Phee’s students. Since then, she has been teaching it and also implementing it in her aerial yoga classes.

Yin Yoga teacher training bali



17th August to 23th, 2024

8th December to 14th, 2024


How much?


Full value 855$ US

*Early Bird 727$ US 

**Super Early Bird 684$ US

+ Accommodation from $754



14th June to 25th, 2024

15th November to 26th, 2024


How much?


Full value 1.436$ US

*Early Bird 1.220$ US 

**Super Early Bird 1.148$ US

+ Accommodation from 1.268$

*Early Bird must be booked 60 days before the course starts date to be eligible for the discount.

**Super Early Bird must be booked 90 days before the course starts date to be eligible for the discount.

395 euros | ¿Qué incluye?



yoga training lembongan
One-minute walk to the beach.


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50-HOUR Training

Tuition & Breakfast
$ 855 us dollars
  • Early Bird $727
  • SUPER Early Bird price $684
bali dorm

50-HR Shared room

4 beds & en-suite bathroom
$ 925 us dollars
  • Early Bird $797
  • SUPER Early Bird price $754
Yoga teacher training bali private room

50-HR Private room

Guesthouse & en-suite bathroom
$ 1016 us dollars
  • Early Bird $888
  • SUPER Early Bird price $845
Bali bungalow yoga

50-HR Bungalow

Private balcony
$ 1037 us dollars
  • Early Bird $909
  • SUPER Early Bird price $866
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100-HOUR Training

Tuition & Breakfast
$ 1436 us dollars
  • Early Bird $1220
  • SUPER Early Bird price $1148
bali dorm

100-HR Shared room

4 beds & en-suite bathroom
$ 1556 us dollars
  • Early Bird $1340
  • SUPER Early Bird price $1268
Yoga teacher training bali private room

100-HR Private room

Guesthouse & en-suite bathroom
$ 1712 us dollars
  • Early Bird $1496
  • SUPER Early Bird price $1424
Bali bungalow yoga

100-HR Bungalow

Private balcony
$ 1748 us dollars
  • Early Bird $1532
  • SUPER Early Bird price $1460

To book the option that suits you better, please send us an email with your preference.

The teacher will answer you

Montar un estudio de yoga aéreo:

  • Yoga Dunia reserve the right to refuse a student’s application for a teacher training event.
  • All trainees attending our events must have their own travel and medical insurance for the duration of the training.
  • By signing up for the Teacher Training course, you commit 100% to the course content with an open heart and motivation.

Todo sobre el yoga aéreo:

  • If you choose to cancel within 30 days of the start date all payments are non-refundable.
  • Before this date, your booking and the amount paid will be postponed toward a future teacher training or retreat within a 12-month period.
  • Please note this does not include the original deposit paid.


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