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Formación de Yoga Aéreo (INGLES)

50hs Aerial Training

Expand your experience as a yoga teacher and practitioner!


Durante esta capacitación, will learn how to; skillfully use the swing, create your sequences, enhance regular yoga practice and safely guide students.

This course is created to bring unity within the Aerial Yoga Community, to learn about the different swings and the differences between Aerial Yoga and other aerial practices.


Once you complete your course, you can use the swing offer as a gift on the YTT, or you can teach with any other.

aerial yoga teacher training in

The training will also cover other topics, such as the anatomy for Aerial Yoga, Teaching Methodology and Aerial Yoga International Community.


Develop Creativity and Teaching Methodology are a big part of the training.

incluso crear nuevas poses.


By the end of the AERIAL YOGA Teacher Training, you will have the confidence to share the la práctica aérea y desarrollar tu propio estilo.


  • What is Aerial Yoga: History, Benefits & different kinds of swings
  • The 3 Principles of the Manual 
  • Secuencia
  • Creativity: explore different possibilities with the swing and flying transitions.
  • Asana Lab
  • Assist
  • Metodología de la enseñanza
  • Anatomy applied to yoga
  • Safety before and during the class
  • Practice Teaching
  • Aerial Yoga Business
  • International Community 


  • The Aerial Yoga Swing 
  • Support from the teacher after you finish your training
  • The Aerial Yoga Manual
  • Free water, fresh juice, and tea all day long.
  • Celebrating local buffet meal on the last day.
  • Return boat ticket with pick up and drop (extra charge ~ 45$).
  •  Certification by Yoga Alliance®

  • Salty Water Yoga & Yoga Dunia Diploma
Aerial Yoga teacher training bali

*Anyone can join the course. Only Yoga Teachers will receive the AERIAL YOGA certification at the end of the training.



This release form states that Salty Water Yoga and Yoga Dunia Lembongan will assume no liability caused from injury to the participant during an Aerial Yoga class.

As a participant of the Aerial Yoga classes / workshop / or teacher training, I understand the following:

  1. Aerial  Yoga is a style of  yoga supported by a swing.
  2. Aerial Yoga includes physical movements as well as an opportunity for relaxation, stress reduction and relief of muscular tension.
  3. Aerial Yoga includes an inversion practice, where the body is inverted, suspended from the ground with the support of the swing.
  4. I will follow the instructions given by the Aerial Yoga teacher.
  5. El riesgo de lesiones siempre está presente y no se puede eliminar por completo.
  6. Si siento algún dolor o malestar, escucharé a mi cuerpo, ajustaré la postura y pediré apoyo a la profesora.
  7. Le diré a la profesora antes de la clase sobre cualquier lesión, preocupación o embarazo.
  8. Aerial Yoga is not a substitute for medical attention, examination or treatment.
  9. I affirm that I alone am responsible to decide whether to practice Aerial Yoga and I hereby agree to irrevocably release and waive any claims that I have now or hereafter may have against Salty Water Yoga, Yoga Dunia Lembongan and their instructors.


Aerial Yoga Teacher training Bali

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50hs Aerial Yoga Teacher Training

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