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In previous articles, we introduced what Zodiac Signs are; we meditated upon the Principle of Polarity operating in reality and the paradigm of Polarization conditioning our consciousness; and we talked about how astrology correlates with this. We invite you to visit these articles in order to understand what will be discussed next.


In this new article, we are going to explore the images, metaphors, and concepts that the Leo-Aquarius Polar Axis represent, in order to observe how all of this can be experienced in our lives.

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In the Zodiac wheel, Leo and Aquarius are located directly across from each other: together, they form an axis.


This means that, although they may appear to be opposites based on their placement, the design in fact reveals that they are actually the extreme points of one same substance; they form a polarity.

In correspondence with this, we will observe how, at first glance, the content of these symbols may seem contradictory, but upon delving into their meaning, it becomes evident that one contains and includes the other.

What do Leo and Aquarius symbolize?

Let’s begin by evoking some of the images and qualities that each sign represents, in order to later reflect on the inseparable link that exists between these apparent contradictions.


Remember, we are not talking about “people who are a Leo or an Aquarius”, but about Leo and Aquarius o as what they truly are: symbols representing certain aspects of our existence.


Element: Fire 

Modality: Fixed

Ruler: Sun

What does Leo symbolize?



Personal Creativity

 “The Shine of the Star”

Authenticity / Passion / Heart


Element: Air

Modality: Fixed

Ruler: Uranus

What does Aquarius symbolize?



Collective Creativity

 “The Shine of the Constellation”

Originality / Genius / Innovation



In the Aries-Libra axis we reflected upon the indivisible link between the individual and the ‘Other’ (that which is not ‘oneself’). In Leo-Aquarius we go further; this axis invites us to perceive that we are both individual and collective simultaneously. 


Leo symbolizes self-expression, personal shine, individual creativity. It is that ‘center’ that, just like our Sun, shines its light on everything around it. Our culture tends to promote the Polarization of Leo. We create Heroes, Idols, Icons, to admire, and onto whom we project our own aspiration to stand out. We need and establish Authors, to whom we attribute the events (both the wonderful and the despicable) of our history, as if these were the product of the actions of one individual.

While it is true that we know in fact that we are part of a community, of a society, and ultimately, of humanity, our contact with that is still defined by the individual experience. Culturally, we value primarily individual freedom, personal shine, and personal creativity.


The Polarity with Aquarius reminds us of that idea about the whole being more than the sum of its parts. Polarized in Leo, we perceive ourselves as part of a society but still as individuals, like islands that share a space but are not a whole. To really experience the collective is still something somewhat limited for us. We perceive ourselves as trees that, with a vitality of their own, grow, extend their branches, sprout their leaves wonderfully, with little awareness of the fact that the trees around us are not just “neighbors,” but that we are all a forest, interconnected through our roots that carry and bring information, nutrients, etc., and that the vitality of the tree is the vitality of the forest and vice versa.

Aquarius invites us to perceive that we are indeed a network; that individual and collective mutually include each other; that, for example, those “designated authors” of the events of our history were perhaps just one cog in a machinery that far exceeds their individuality, a reflection of their community, a projection of the collective.

This is starting to become more evident through globalization, for example, in how the economic events of just one small area affect the global economy; in our relationship with the environment and how, regardless of what our individual actions are, we are all affected by the same thing; even the recent pandemic made this quite palpable.

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The philosophy of yoga teaches that the Atman, or the individual self, is essentially identical to Brahman, the universal reality. This is the famous principle of Vedanta: “Tat Tvam Asi” (You are that). It means that our true nature is the same as the universal reality, although in our everyday lives we do not always experience it as such.

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Polarized in Aquarius, we would think that there only is “the collective”, and that the individual, that ‘personal shine’, is a transgression that goes against the ideal of what’s human. But it is not about denying the individual. Aquarius is in fact in an axis with Leo, meaning that the individual is necessary for the collective, that personal shine allows the shine of the whole. That which is “more than the sum of the parts” is the result of the diversity that comes from the existence of the individual, not a uniform undifferentiated mass. The individual is fundamental for the expression of the collective.


The Leo-Aquarius axis represents creativity, the expression of something authentic and original.

Ganar Leo‘s perspective, I believe that my creativity is mine, that it purely arises from within me. Aquarius invites us to perceive that there is no “my creativity,” but rather “the creativity.” When I express myself creatively, it is the creativity of life acting through me. I am expressing, with my personal stamp and driven by an internal vital impulse, something that far exceeds me; I am participating in the creative pulse that animates Life.

Polarized in Leo, we feel that the idea of creativity not being something inherently personal, represents a threat to authenticity. However, if what matters is who and not what is expressed, the individual takes precedence over the creative. Consequently, the collective self operates subconsciously and self-expression ends up being conditioned by the need for recognition, to the detriment of authenticity.

Aquarius represents the idea of channeling the creative flow that is “in the air”, that has not yet materialized, and is therefore innovative and brings something different to what already exists.

Polarized in Aquarius, we believe that expressing creativity means differentiating oneself in order to produce something original and disruptive. But by denying Leo, it still operates subconsciously, and the need to differentiate oneself ends up predominating over what authentically pushes to be expressed through me. Therefore, instead of producing something original or innovative, what comes out is something that really is conditioned and determined by what already exists.


This article aims to be an invitation to rethink our perception. It in no way seeks to morally judge, nor does it set any guidelines to follow or objectives to be achieved.

What’s interesting is being able to perceive that often our suffering arises from a polarized perception of reality.

The Leo-Aquarius axis invites us to recognize the individual and the collective in a Yin-Yang relationship; to tear down our fabricated heroes and villains; to be faithful to our own creative impulse and let our personal shine come forth, understanding it as both an ‘indispensable contribution to’ and a ‘vehicle of’ something much vaster than my own individuality.


Article written in collaboration with Steph S · Astrologer

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