Finding the best Yoga Swing

Yoga continues to expand and flourish in many directions. From the most traditional styles like Ashtanga, we now have a more creative and innovative style like aerial yoga.


 Aerial yoga brings different benefits that the ones that a practitioner acquires on a mat. To practice aerial yoga, you need the right equipment. And last, but not least, finding the best yoga swing suitable for you.


With a yoga swing, the practitioner lifts and it adds an anti-gravity quality to the practice. A yoga swing can also be referred to as a yoga trapeze, silks, a yoga hammock or hanging ropes. If you’re considering getting a swing for your home, you should find a good space to put it. For example, a spare or unused room, a garage, a door frame or even hanging it from a tree outside.


Yoga swings are typically close to the ground. Because of this, yoga swings are of great benefit for the support of the lower back. There are many different brands of yoga swings available. T


Now, I’m going to tell you more about the different types of yoga swings.


Airo Yoga is a form of aerial yoga and people perform it on a custom designed swing. This swing is compact, durable, light-weight, adjustable to any height and easy to install. It only requires a metal beam from the ceiling to hang it. It also comes with extension straps to install it into ceilings of various heights.

finding the best yoga swing


improve your flexibility

The FlyHighYoga belt can help people improve their yoga skills in a supported and safe way. The belt helps with the optimization of alignment and spinal health. It is also easy to carry and to install and for indoors and outdoors. This belt is excellent for working on restorative inverted poses. It easily attaches to the ceiling, a beam or a pull-up bar. The material of this belt is parachute which holds a lot of weight whilst being light. Also, it comes with complementary extension ropes and two FlyHighYoga Wooden Blocks.


This swing is to explore both strength and yoga exercises with three tires of removable, plush foam handles. It’s comfortable, durable and you can use it both indoors and outdoors. The fabric is of a strong nylon blend to hold practitioners up to 300 lbs. It is height adjustable and comes with all the rigging equipment needed to hang.

find the best aerial yoga swing


The yoga hammock helps people strengthening, lengthening and realigning the body. It comes custom tailored length for different types of height requirements. They are made of soft, silky and durable fabric. The hammock is wide enough for a 6’2 person to lay completely in the fabric. The fabric is lightweight and breathable but very strong. It’s rated for user up to 400 pounds. It also comes with all the necessary rigging material to get started.

finding the best yoga swing

If you need more information about which yoga swing to get, please contact me or get in touch with a professional. A professional can assess your needs in terms of the swing’s characteristics and guide you to get exactly the right one for you.





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