Aerial Yoga Benefits | Before & After

aerial yoga benefits before and after
Lower back pain or discomfort in our bodies due to certain habits, such as sedentary lifestyles or sports we practice is very common nowadays. The benefits of Aerial Yoga can help you to reduce or even to stop the pain and the disconfort.

Regardless of the spiritual benefits and powerful journeys that one can get through doing yoga on the yoga swing, I would like to share with you the physical benefits too. 

Aerial Yoga Benefits:

Decompress the spine*

Strengthen core & body

Increase range of motion

Deepen stretches & twists

Supported & safe inversions

Increased body awareness & control

We can observe some of these benefits in the picture above.

This person was complaining about considerable discomfort on one side of the lower back. When I met him, I could see a great asymmetry on either side of his body, especially that his left shoulder was slightly higher. The first thing we did was hang upside down on the swing to release tension in the lower back and invite the muscles to relax. Then, we began using the swing to create space on the left side, doing upside down stretches and working with knees on the floor, placing the elbow in the swing to open the entire left side from elbow to hip.

He is a surfer and this asymmetry was probably caused by skipping warming up before, and stretching after surfing.

Aerial Yoga Stretch after surfing VIDEO

*Decompress the spine: When we are upside down, the head will become heavy. It will pull the vertebrae making space in between them. The swing will support you so the body can relax and focus on the breath.

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