The Story behind Hanumanasana

Hanumanasana (Split Pose) Yoga Mythology

This is a short version of the great story about Hanuman, the monkey god. This has been the inspiration for millions of yoga classes on the leg spread position or also known as split (Hanumanasana).

The story tells that Hanuman helps Rama, who plays Vishnu, to recover his beloved Sita.  She had been kidnapped by the demon Ravana.

the story behind hanumanasana

Hanuman was the most prominent vanara (a race of ape-men with the body and face of an ape but human intellect). He had extraordinary powers, he could change his size, travel long distances and even carry an entire mountain.

the story behind hanumanasana

Hanuman and Rama begin their search to South India, following the trail that Sita left when she was kidnapped. They must cross by sea to Lanka (now Sri Lanka), where the demon Ravana lives. Rama begins the construction of a bridge, with the help of the monkey people. But Hanuman performs the most heroic act, a giant leap from southern India to Lanka, to rescue Sita. This is the description of the event in the Ramayana book (a Hindu holy book):

“It was the biggest leap ever made. The speed of Hanuman’s leap left flowers and petals in the air after its passage that looked like small stars fluttering in the treetops. The animals on the beach had never seen anything like it before. Everyone cheered for Hanuman, then, the air burned and red clouds lit up the sky …”

In fact, with the Aerial Yoga swing we can recreate the jump of surrender and devotion made for Hanuman.

Hanumanasana class with Aerial Yoga

Interesting fact:
Hanuman is one of the few gods in Hinduism who is worshiped by all castes and all sects.

the story behind hanumanasana
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