Online Yoga Benefits

What concerns you about taking yoga classes online?

After feeling forced to jump into online teaching, the concept of Yin & Yang has been very much present in my life. Especially since I had never been a huge fan of online teaching. But life taught me a lesson again.

I must admit that after many years of teaching in person, I was a bit skeptical about teaching online. Today I can say that thanks to almost two years’ experience of teaching yoga online, I feel that my communication skills in class have been greatly enriched, providing an incredibly focused and immersive experience for the student. Today I can talk about online yoga “benefits”.

online yoga benefits
online yoga benefits
Why is this the case with online yoga in particular?

It is simple, by the MINIMIZATION OF THE SENSES.

In classes I conduct in person, I usually count on sight, touch, hearing and smell. I use various tools to create a suitable environment for the practice such as music, incense and assistance with posture.

In online classes it all comes down to concentrating on following my voice and the vision is reduced, sometimes absent. The voice becomes the sole tool to guide students through different aspects and stages of the class; providing a pleasant and focused experience.

Quite magically, the connection is made between myself, the sender of the voice and the student, the receiver. Movement becomes fluid whilst the student tunes in the guidance of speech. I have noticed students quickly becoming self-confident as this method of communication and guidance induces the growth of self-confidence as the fear of being wrong is eradicated. 

Read below the experience of one of my students who was also hesitating about online yoga.

online yoga benefits

At first I was hesitant to try distance yoga classes as I am a beginner, but Pilu is an amazing teacher with a wide variety of techniques to help me with my practice. She is highly motivated and in a wonderful way, despite of the huge physical distance, I feel very connected with her. – Ivette, New York

What do you think about online yoga? If you don’t know yet, give it a try with me and enjoy online yoga benefits participating on  Salty Water One-one-one Classes 

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