Maintaining strength and flexibility as we age with Aerial Yoga

How to get strong and flexible with Aerial Yoga?

Perhaps you’ve been to a yoga class or two or seen photos of impossibly contorted yoga postures and understandably, have been completely put off. What’s that, yoga isn’t for you? Let me try to change your mind! Yoga is all about finding the right balance between strength and flexibility. Having one without the other puts us in danger of hurting ourselves. Forms of exercise such as jogging, can put a lot of pressure on the joints. 

Strong and flexible with Aerial Yoga

Build strength and flexible body with Aerial Yoga naturally and safely at the same time, using the natural abilities of your body. A condition of life that all us living beings experience, is of course, aging. As we get older we become less flexible than when we were spring chickens. You’ve heard the phrase, “if you don’t use it, you lose it”.


Stiff joints, loss of water in our spine and tissues, as well as decreased elasticity in muscle tendons are all reasons for reduced flexibility and strength. More sedentary lifestyles can also wreak havoc on our bodies’ flexibility. Sitting at a computer desk for many hours a day causes us to ‘bunch up’. Our hip joints, neck, shoulders, back and even hands freeze up, through prolonged periods of time we stay in one position. 


Decreased flexibility really can impact our daily lives and can cause a ‘snowball effect’. We may reduce or stop physical activity because we don’t feel flexible enough. The less we move, the more we seize up and the weaker we feel and become more and more inactive. But don’t worry, it’s never too late! Our wonderful bodies have the incredible ability to slow or reverse some of these changes.

Aerial yoga allows us to open up our joints so we feel relieved from tension whilst building strength within our muscles. It also releases endorphins so it makes us feel awesome and cheery, as well as fit! Once you develop strength and flexibility in your body you’ll be able to withstand more physical stress. Plus, you’ll rid your body of any muscle imbalances, which will reduce the chance of getting injured during physical activity. Building strength can help us to build confidence, to be grounded with solid foundations, and to find stability.


Here’s some aerial yoga benefits:

  • Can be done in the comfort of your home. Many more are choosing to or need to work from home; this is the perfect activity!
  • Minimal equipment required. Your yoga swing, mat and a small space is all you need. You can anchor your yoga swing to the ceiling, tree or even doorframe.
  • It’s personal to you. There’s no pressure to be at the same level as anyone else. You go at your own pace without any perceived competition. 
  • Amazing workout for those with back problems. The aerial swing provides a huge amount of support. Aerial yoga also doesn’t put strain on the spine. Get a full body workout without any discomfort in your back.
  • An opportunity to lose excess weight. An American Council on Exercise (ACE) study found that one 50 minute session burns around 320 calories!
  • It’s fun! Let’s face it, one thing about exercising is that it can be BORING. Flying yoga is definitely not.

In my LEARN TO FLY! Program, we focus on increasing your strength and flexibility. Starting from beginner aerial yoga poses, we will work our way, listening to our bodies as we slowly introduce more advanced movements and increase our range of motion. Check out my free videos and sign up to the newsletter for aerial yoga tips. Join me for online aerial yoga classes, and of course, I’ll help you to get hold of your very own aerial yoga swing. Let’s get strong and flexible, while developing your confidence to be able to fly on your own and (most importantly), have fun!

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