We don’t sweat out toxins but…

we dont sweat out toxins but

How do we purify ourselves through sweating?

Some people, like myself, enjoy the feeling of sweating when doing yoga or even exercise. It can feel purifying. One way of enjoying the sweaty feeling is doing something fun like defying gravity with Aerial Yoga.

Many times we hear people say: ‘sweat is good because we sweat the toxins out”. I decided to research a bit more to understand how that happens and I learned that actually,  it doesn’t! We don’t sweat out toxins but we do purify the body and the spirit in a different way. Sweating is, however, indirectly related to the process of toxin elimination.

So…how do we purify our bodies through sweating?
Sweat and have fun with Aerial Yoga at home

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There are different opinions on detoxification through sweating. Sweat is not made up of toxins from your body, so the belief that we sweat the toxins is a myth (even though some studies say we sweat minute amounts of certain toxins). There is minor removal of heavy metals and BPA plastics but the liver and kidneys do most of the body’s detoxification. 

Here is what really happens:

we dont sweat out toxins but

💧 When we sweat, the pores of the skin open, allowing impurities that accumulate inside it to escape. This makes the skin feel softer and smoother.

💧It produces endorphins that reduce pain and boost happiness, resulting in a feeling of well-being. This helps us to stay present, to relieve unnecessary tension produced by our thoughts, and consequently, purify the mind.

💧It promotes good sleep, which is also a must to give the body a good rest. As a result, the organs improve their function, including the digestive system.

we dont sweat out toxins but

💧Sweating cools our body, it is our natural AC. It regulates temperature and maintains high energy levels. We feel energized and light; purifying the spirit.


 It helps to improve the immune system because more white blood cells are produced when sweating, which protects our bodies.

Movement induces sweating due to our bodies attempting to cool us. Additionally, movement induces increased blood flow, which is the REAL reason for toxin elimination. We therefore excrete higher concentrations of toxins from our bloodstream in our number 1’s and number 2’s! It is highly recommended to do SAVASANA after this practice. This relaxation moment allow the body to readjust and remove the higher concentration of toxins, which might have been released in the bloodstream during the practice. 


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