Types of Yoga

Types of Yoga

Some of the most popular types of yoga. Traditional and modern yoga styles.



The sequence is designed towards a “peak pose”. We move through the poses guided by the breath preparing the body and the spirit for the “final pose” before relaxation.

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Ladder Flow

This is a way to structure a vinyasa class.Here we stack a few poses one after another, repeating them a few times and adding more to build complexity into our sequence. This class structure has the perfect combination for online classes. It allows us to have a moment focused on each pose and then to flow through them one after the other.

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types of yoga

Literally means ‘eight limbs’. It is a practice-based on eight principles, following the same sequence and series of poses in a precise order. It can be physically demanding. The repetition through the same sequence in every class helps to develop a high sense of awareness of each pose.





This is a modern type of yoga. It is based on an ancient practice, “yoga kurunta.”

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It is a creative, fun, alignment-based style of yoga that can also be used as additional practice to support and enhance everyday asanas such as warriors. Practicing inversions with the belt becomes easier and safer by practising aerial yoga.

types of yoga

Same as Aerial Yoga this types of yoga appear more recently (around the 70′).

This is a slow-paced style of yoga based on Chinese medicine. The muscles are relaxed while the practice targets your deep connective tissues. These are not ‘active’ poses using muscle tension, instead we let gravity do the job for us.

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