9 Obstacles on the Path – YOGA SUTRAS


9 Obstacles on the Path we might experience in our daily lives that make it difficult to achieve things.

9 obstacles on the path yoga sutras
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Vyadhi-disease or physical disease

Styana– apathy, depression, lack of interest, boredom

Samsaya– doubt

Pramada– procrastination

Alasya– laziness

Avirati– craving

Bhrantidarsana– false vision, living in illusion

Alabdhabhumikatva– unsteady condition of mind

Anavasthitatva– inability to maintain achievement

9 obstacles on the path yoga sutras
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Avirati (craving, trying to learn or do everything in a very short period of time) is the one I used to relate the most (still a bit now!) but not the only one. Unfortunately, they work very well together, once I trigger the Avirati then Alabdhabhumikatva appears because I feel overwhelmed and I start to have issues staying on the journey and Anavasthiatatva… I can keep going and going but let’s say those ones are pretty much my combination!



I BELIEVE IN ACKNOWLEDGING THE OBSTACLES IS THE WAY TO COMBAT THEM. Understanding the obstacles we face can be the first step to change old patterns.

Which one resonates more with you?

What is the purpose of the Yoga Sutras?
Yoga Sutras, Patanjali

The Yoga Sutras are intended to provide depth and wisdom to explore the meaning of yoga. Therefore it makes you brave to face the attacks of physical and mental obstacles on the path of yoga.

How many Yoga Sutras are there?

When are the Yoga Sutras written?
Written by the sage Patañyali in the 3rd century BC. c.

What are the Yoga Sutras of Patanjali?
They are Sanskrit aphorisms, divided into chapters, and cover all aspects of life, balancing the body, mind and consciousness with the soul.

9 obstacles on the path yoga sutras

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