The 9 obstacles in the path of Yoga

Navigating Patanjali’s 9 Obstacles on the Path of Yoga: overcoming barriers to transformation.


On yoga’s journey toward self-exploration and spiritual growth, we encounter internal challenges that may seem like obstacles in our path.


These obstacles, known as the “Nine obstacles in the path of yoga”, are part of the Yoga Sutras of Patanjali.


Here we explore each of these challenges and how they can manifest in our everyday lives.


Vyadhi / Styana / Samsaya /Pramada / Alasya / Avirati / Bhranti Darsana / Alabdha Bhumikatva / Anavashitattva

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80hs Vinyasa

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Physical illness can hinder our yoga practice by limiting our mobility and energy.


For example, a sudden flu can prevent us from attending our regular yoga classes and affect our overall well-being.


Recognizing this obstacle helps us navigate it. Be aware that we need to adapt the practice or stay at rest without tormenting ourselves mentally or hurting our body.


Lack of enthusiasm, Apathy

Lack of motivation or energy can make our daily yoga practice difficult.


Apathy after a day of work can lead us to postpone our yoga session or skip it altogether.


Recognizing this obstacle helps us navigate it. Being aware that we are in an apathetic moment, perseverance can be a tool to avoid identifying with apathy.

That is, knowing that the feeling of apathy is temporary, continue with the practice that you were going to do at that moment.



Lack of confidence in yourself or your yoga practice can cause uncertainty.


We may doubt our ability to master a new yoga pose, avoiding it for fear of failure.


Recognizing this obstacle helps us navigate it.



Lack of mindfulness or care in our practice can lead us to make mistakes or even get injured.


For example, we may neglect proper alignment in a posture, which increases the risk of injury.


Recognizing this obstacle helps us navigate it.



An unwillingness to commit to a regular practice can slow our progress in yoga.


Laziness can lead us to stay in bed instead of practicing yoga, even when we know it will benefit us.


For this reason it is a good idea to sign up for classes, whether in person or online, so we create a commitment.


Desire for sense objects

Attachment to results or excessive pursuit of pleasure can distract us from our yoga practice.


For example, we can become obsessed with achieving an advanced posture, losing sight of the main purpose of yoga: the mind-body-spirit connection.

Branti darshana

False knowledge, confusion, hallusination

It refers to misunderstandings or illusions that a person may have due to an incorrect interpretation of reality.


Lack of mental clarity can hinder our ability to focus on our yoga practice.


Recognizing this obstacle helps us navigate it. Carry out a practice that helps us in moments of a lot of mental noise.

Alabdha bhumikatva

Inability to concentrate

Lack of drive to start or maintain a regular yoga practice can limit our spiritual growth.


For example, indefinitely postponing signing up for a yoga class we’ve been considering taking.


By identifying this obstacle, it will be easier to dispel the excuses we make for procrastination.



The difficulty in preserving the serenity or balance achieved through the practices constitutes an additional challenge.


Lack of long-term commitment can lead us to prematurely abandon our yoga practice.


We may get excited at first about a yoga routine, but after a few weeks, lose motivation, stopping practicing.

Being aware of this will allow us to prepare to pass that moment of instability.

Recognizing and addressing these nine obstacles in the path of yoga is essential to cultivating a deep and meaningful practice.


By identifying how they manifest in our daily lives, we can work to overcome them and move towards greater physical-mental-spiritual well-being.


Yoga can be a symbolic word, this can be applied to any aspect of life, work, relationships, etc.

And remember that the obstacle is not something placed in the middle, the obstacle is the path.


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