The meaning of Surya Namaskar

The meaning of Surya Namaskar in English is Sun Salutation. It consists of a sequence of yoga asanas that pays homage to the Hindu solar god, Surya.


This ancient practice not only benefits body and mind, but honors the strength and energy that emanates from the sun.

dios surya

In Hindu mythology, Surya is the god of the sun, the soul of everything that exists in the universe.

The god Surya rides a chariot drawn by seven horses, representing the seven colors of the rainbow and the seven days of the week.


It carries lotus flowers, emanating a light that dissipates the shadows of ignorance, like the sun the darkness of each morning.

surya namaskar
Møllers-Grafisk Tegnestue/Hans Møller. Licens: Materialet er fri af ophavsret

Different sequences of Surya Namaskar can be found varying in the number of asanas. However, in all Surya Namaskar the postures flow one after another, synchronized with the breath.

Each posture is dedicated to Surya and its different forms and qualities.

This sequence not only strengthens muscles and improves flexibility, but also revitalizes the body and mind.


Regular practice of Surya Namaskar is believed to balance the chakras and harmonize the flow of life energy (Prana).

By practicing Surya Namaskar, sunlight is invited to flow through the body.



Nourishing each cell and awakening the divinity within in each practice.



It is a sacred dance between the individual and the cosmos, a connection with the primordial source of life and energy.


Ultimately, Surya Namaskar is more than a series of movements.

It is a door to the very essence of existence.


The meaning of Surya Namaskar can be said to be a celebration of the interconnection between humanity and the universe, between the earthly and the divine.

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