Types of Aerial Yoga Swings

What you need to know about the different types of aerial yoga swings.

If you are practicing aerial yoga, surely you have doubts about the different types of aerial yoga hammock that exist. This is not a problem, what you learn by practicing aerial yoga can be applied to any type of swing.

Here I tell you what you need to know about the types of the hammock or swings.

Table of Contents:

1.- Swings inspired by the Kuruntas made of rigid fabric.

2.- Swings called hammocks made of elastic fabric.

3.- Swings with handles.

Aerial yoga Swing

Next, I will tell you about the different types of swings that you can use to practice aerial yoga.

1- Swings inspired by the Kuruntas

aerial yoga swing

The Kuruntas are hung from the wall unlike the aerial yoga swings which is hung from the ceiling.

These swings are rigid, which allows them to be very precise when working specific areas of the body.

Also the rigidity facilitates the practice of balances, since the swing does not yield. They have a padded part in the middle for more comfort when practicing.

Swing brands:

Airo Yoga 

Fly High Yoga*


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2.- Swings called hammock

love yourself in a hammock

The swings made with elastic fabrics are wider and allow you to lie down inside, as if it were a hammock. The fabric usually has more volume which makes for nice support. They are also often used for other practices such as Aerial Dance and acrobatics.

3.- Swings with handles

types of yoga swing

The handles allow you to expand the variations of postures when practicing Aerial Yoga. Like the elastic fabric swings, they are wider and also can be called aerial yoga hammock.

Remember that whatever type of hammock or swing you choose to practice the basics are the same. You can try different ones to see which one is more comfortable for you.

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