Aerial Yoga – Aerial Dance – Aerial Acrobatics

Although yoga, acrobatics and aerial dance are practiced suspended in the air and using a swing, they are quite different from each other.


In this opportunity I will try to elucidate their differences to give you a clear idea of ​​what each one is.

Aerial Dance

It is a subgenre of modern dance and claims to be first recognized in the 1970s.


It can be done hanging from a rope, with a harness or using a swing.


The focus of the choreographies are the movement itself and its aesthetics.


Due to its aesthetic component, it is a discipline that is constantly evolving and changing, adapting to changing times.

Aerial Acrobatics / Aerial Silk

The acrobatics date back to ancient Greece. Records from the early 12th century can also be found on the Mallakhamb.


Mallakhamb: It is an Indian gymnastics that is practiced with a stick or a rope.


Already in the 18th century, aerobatics took place in circuses.


Aerial Aerobatics is a type of acrobatics that is practiced suspended in the air, on a rope or swing or fabric.


It is more of a sporting activity that requires physical strength and dexterity, focusing on balance and agility.

Aerial Yoga

It is a recent activity that since its emergence has drastically increased its popularity, given its benefits.


The bases of aerial yoga are the same bases as yoga. You can alos integrate concepts from other disciplines, such as those mentioned above and Pilates.


Based on the alignment of the postures, it focuses on breathing, relaxation and acceptance.


The postural muscles are strengthened and, by being able to be inverted, tension in the spine can be relieved.


The benefits in the circulatory and nervous system are also evident in this practice, thanks of the upside down asanas.


One advantage is that it engages most of the muscles in the body, while also boosting creativity.

Although these activities look similar, their concepts, philosophy, objectives and modes of action are different, being three independent disciplines.


They can still inspire or nurture each others.


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