Aerial Yoga Beginners

Fly yoga or aerial yoga is suitable for everyone.


This practice uses the support of the aerial swing as a tool, allowing you to perform yoga postures effectively and easily. It will help you maintain the position for longer and more comfortably.


If you are a beginner, the swing supports you and gives you stability. In this way, you can practice the upside down from the first class.

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If you are an advanced yogi, and the ground begins to feel like a limitation, you will find a great way to challenge yourself and develop strength.


In aerial yoga, gravity deepens the stretches, makes them more flexible and reverses the circulation of the blood. You will build strength in your middle and upper body. At the same time it reduces stress on the joints and spine.


While the aerial yoga practice is a fun and intense workout, it improves mental focus and concentration. From the first practice you will feel that it lifts your spirits and relieves stress.

Whether you are a beginner or an experienced yogi, it will help you discover new aspects of your personality and overcome fears.

Aerial Yoga Tips for Beginners

If you are a beginner in aerial yoga, the practice can definitely be a challenge. But you will feel a fun and transformative experience. Give your body time to calibrate to the element.


Starting with the swing can generate a bit of uncertainty, because it is an element that is in constant movement. After the practice you will feel that you can flow, really feeling how beautiful this discipline is.

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If it is one of the first times you try, it is advisable to place the swing close to the ground. This way you will achieve better alignments and deeper stretches without being constantly rocking. This will allow you to adjust and then raise its height.


Here we answer frequent questions for beginners:

  • You don’t need to have any prior yoga experience to take an aerial yoga class.
  • No matter your shape, size, or ability, the swing fits every body.
  • Avoid eating for at least an hour before class.
  • It is advisable to wear tight clothing that covers your skin, since the swings can cause chafing.

Begin AERIAL Yoga

  • It is recommended that in your first practices you attend an Aerial Yoga Studio. Another option is to take a private class online. This way you will find the assistance and confidence you need to embark on this path.
  • It is important that you follow the recommendations to correctly install your swing.
    When choosing your aerial hammock, research and choose according to the practice you want to do.
  • If you start practicing at home, follow the recommendations for a safe practice.
  • You can find online practices of different levels that will help you go deeper. Subscribe to YouTube classes that will allow you to gradually build up.
  • Choose classes suitable for your level, according to the benefits you are needing.
  • Your practice does not have to be painful, or generate blockages, modify when necessary.

For beginners

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