Body, mind and time.


Understanding that youth is the step that prepares us for maturity is key to fully enjoying it.


Trying to recover our youth, without enjoying the charisma that experience gives us, leads us to suffer our maturity.


The passing of the years does not take anything away from us. On the contrary, it enriches us with experiences and wisdom. Pure fullness.

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Imagine a butterfly folding its wings to remain a caterpillar, instead of enjoying the freedom of flying…


The young mind is not prepared to handle a system as complex as the human body.


But it is a mature mind that controls a body with which it has lived for so many years, constantly improving itself.

One keyword: Accept

always young

Nostalgia for the past (often idealized) is normal, but it is only healthy within certain limits.


Accepting that “what was and will no longer be” is the wonderful thing in life, it will allow us to enjoy this constant change.

Enjoy our body and experience

The body is part of our being, let’s not reject it. Let’s enjoy our body at every stage of our existence.


I have been practicing Yoga for years, I am increasingly convinced that this mind/body connection strengthens over time.


They are a set of gears that adapt to each other to integrate and work together harmoniously.


When we practice Yoga, we use the body as a vehicle for our mind, thus creating an energetic flow.


And this energy is what I want to share with you, so that it is in constant flow through us.

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