Increase flexibility

I’ve written about several benefits of aerial yoga in previous pieces.


One of them is to become more flexible.


The benefits of increased flexibility are improved range of motion and reduced muscle soreness.


It also improves blood circulation, sports performance and can help reduce stress and anxiety.


Next, I present a list of asanas in a simple way, with which you can gain flexibility.



dormir bien

Place the aerial yoga swing 15 or 20cm off the ground. Lie on it with your chest parallel to the ceiling.


Bring your knees to one side to twist. With the foot of the upper leg, step on the quadriceps of the other leg.


This way, you will help the lower leg stretch the quadriceps while also loosening the muscles in your back.


kirtan and aerial yoga

Place the swing on the shoulder blades and open the chest.


The weight of the hips will help decompress the lower back. You can keep your feet on the ground or hold one with each hand (keeping the knees hip-width apart).

Virabhadrasana I


Place the swing at pelvis level to position it behind the knee crease.


Hold the swing with your hands to lighten the weight on your legs and create more space in the hips.


Press the swing down with the knee crease while simultaneously moving forward with the hips.


In this way, you can elongate both the back leg and the front leg’s hamstring.

Utthita Hasta Padangusthasana


In this position, you can keep the knee of the elevated leg flexed. The swing supports the leg and allows you to focus on hip alignment.


Keep the sitting bones pointing towards the floor for better elongation of the back of the leg.


How to prepare for this posture?

HIPS SEQUENCE This aerial yoga sequence will help you increase flexibility in your body and relax at the same time.


Remember to breathe deeply during each pose and listen to your body.


If you feel any pain or discomfort, stop and see an aerial yoga instructor for help.


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