Love yourself in a hammock

love yourself in a hammock

We all want to be liked

We all want to be seen, acknowledged and understood.

It’s human nature.

The yoga hammock helped me to embrace myself.

love yourself in a hammock
conscious design

But when we feel like someone is looking down at us, we usually feel embarrassment, shame, and wonder if something is wrong with us.

We feel perhaps we’re…

Too loud, too silly, too sweary, too sweaty (that too), too opinionated, too cheery, too young, too fat, too dressed up, too dressed down, too much, too much, TOO MUCH.

And we find it really hard to not worry about being judged.

Disconnected from our inner child

I remember, when I was younger (20ish & 30ish), I saw my girlfriends felt the need to “look a certain way”. We were all just hanging out for Sunday afternoon brunch!

It’s like an invisible set of rules we’re all asked to conform to.

And it’s plain hard to live life that way.

Right? or Right?

It’s true that you can BE and LIVE whoever you want and be.

But most of us are disconnected from our inner child. 

… What we need is a safe space to express this child within us fully.

That is what I feel when I play with the aerial yoga swing.

When my world becomes upside down on the yoga hammock, I get an opportunity to explore and express myself fully in ways I may have never tried before.

The Aerial Yoga practice is all about allowing yourself to receive help by creating a safe space and thus go deeper.

If you can relate to the above take a look to this: Aerial Yoga at home for beginners – click here I collect all my experience what it make me feel good for you.



love yourself in a hammock

Being a chameleon might seem like a good thing until you realize it doesn’t make you versatile: it makes you invisible. Find your truth, find your balance.


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