The meaning of Siddhasana

To understand the meaning of Siddhasana we will know the story of story of Karttikeya and Ganesh.


In ancient times, wise Brahmins understood the importance of auspicious beginnings and their influence on subsequent events.


An intrigue arose:

Which god should they worship first?

This issue led to a sacrifice before the great lord Siva.


The answer was found in a race around the world between two of his sons, Kārttikeya and Ganesh.

The sons received instructions and, quickly, Kārttikeya set off with all his pride on his peacock, leaving everyone astonished.


However, Ganesh, aware of his disadvantage in competing while riding a mouse, opted for a race of introspection.


Ganesh revealed his understanding of the true divine essence that resides in all beings, granting victory to his brother.

Karttikeya - Murugan by Raja Ravi Varma

After deep reflection, Ganesh chose to surround his parents as an act of reverence.

Ganesh -

Upon returning, Kārttikeya triumphed, but Ganesh revealed that his victory was illusory, as he had understood the true essence that permeates all beings.


Finally, Siva declared Ganesh first among the gods, honoring him for his wisdom and discernment.


He demonstrated that true wisdom lies in taking the time to reflect before acting impulsively.

This story reminds us of the importance of introspection and wisdom before rash action, teachings that endure over time. Siddhasana pose.

Spend time in meditation and spiritual practice to understand and live in harmony with the cosmic principles of Siva and Parvati. This can be a way to look at the meaning of Siddhasana.

The physical practice of yoga thus becomes an embodiment of this divine interaction, allowing us to understand it on a personal level.


When we sit in Siddhasana, we can contemplate the wisdom of Ganesh and remember the divine play that lies at the heart of our own being.

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The meaning of Siddhasana

The story of Karttikeya and Ganesh teaches us that true wisdom comes from introspection and connecting with the divine within.


It is essential to dedicate time to spiritual practice to understand and live in harmony with the cosmic principles that surround and shape us.

Text-based on the book:

The Stories Behind the Poses, Dr. Raj Balkaran

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