5 Ways to hang your Aerial Yoga hammock

5 Ways to hang your Aerial Yoga hammock

Hang the Aerial Yoga Hammock (swing) from a place with enough space to be standing with your arms extended up.

The following are different ways in which to hang the swing for Aerial Yoga practices only, where the swing is used as a support for your practice. They are not suitable for drops where the weight supported by the swing will be more than just your weight.

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Here are 5 ways to hang your Aerial Yoga swing:


how to hang aerial yoga swing

To hang your aerial yoga hammock from an exposed bean it is important to have expert advice on the strength of the beam and the structure holding it. The beam has to be strong enough to bear at least two times your own weight.


Hanging your Aerial Yoga swing on hooks is another option. For this, you can buy specific Aerial Yoga hooks online.  LINK 

Consult with a professional if you plan on using hooks for this purpose to assess the ceiling condition before mounting. Not every ceiling can support the weight.


hook aerial yoga
hooks aerial yoga


A height-adjustable portable Aerial rig is a handy option. You can install it at home or in open areas. Set it up in your home on one day and practice out on the beach the next.  Here’s an example of it. LINK


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The yoga swing stand is usually composed of pipes or tubing that are stable and strong enough to bear double your weight. Stands are commonly installed in a triangular shape, which is an exceptionally sturdy shape and is more than strong enough.

aerial yoga stand


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Hanging your Aerial Yoga swing on a tree branch is a more outdoorsy option. Remember, not every branch is strong enough, even if it looks that way. Make sure that the tree branch is able to support twice your weight and your movements.

Now that you know how to prepare your house to practice aerial yoga, you only need the swing.

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