Lower Back Pain

I would venture to say that 86% of the people who come to my yoga classes suffer from lower back pain. The serious thing is that it is accepted as normal, as if it were inevitable. It is possible to relieve back pain.


Do you suffer from any spinal pathology, herniated disc or urinary incontinence? (link in Spanish)


These are some of the pathologies that can be treated with hypopressive exercises, with improvements being observed after a few weeks.

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In our daily lives we constantly exert pressure on the intra-abdominal area. Just like in yoga practice and when we exercise.


To reduce internal pressure, at the thoracic, abdominal and pelvic level, we can practice hypopressive exercises. (link in Spanish)


These strengthen the abdominal and pelvic floor muscles.


  • hypo = low
  • pressive = pressure
    They are postural and respiratory exercises, very beneficial for health.

Improve your posture! Alleviate lower back pain

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In my one-on-one classes I use this technique, as it helps to relax the abdominal area and release tension.


We also practice them in the Aerial Yoga Trainings.

The breathing technique of the hypopressive exercises goes back to a technique used in the ancient Yoga, the Uddiyana Bandha.

uddiyana bandha

This practice had the objectives of energy mobilization, visceral cleaning and massage, muscular and respiratory strengthening, among others.

Hypopressive Exercises

How is the mechanics of hypopressive exercises?


The exercises are performed in expiratory apnea, this means with empty lungs.


The posture performed allows the diaphragm to rise, in a relaxed position, thus decreasing the pressure in the abdominal cavity.


After exhaling, we open the thorax, which allows the diaphragm to rise and relax even more.


In this way, the organs are aspirated or “suctioned” in the direction of the diaphragm, further reducing the pressure.


At this point (at the time of diaphragmatic aspiration) it is possible to observe that the waist is “smaller” or narrower.

aliviar dolor


  • Increase toning from the deepest layer of the abdominal corset.
  • Improvements in posture will be observed, muscular tensions will normalize, and hypercurvatures will decrease after a few weeks of practice.
  • Greater lumbo-pelvic stability and objective reduction of the circumference both at the waist and at the umbilical level.

It is very important to always have the assistance of a professional, in order to get the most out of it and avoid injuries.

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