What is a Vipassana?

To answer the question of what is a Vipassana?, we will explain what a Vipassana meditation retreat is about.


Vipassana is an ancient meditation technique that originated in India thousands of years ago.


The word “Vipassana” means “seeing things as they are.”


It consists of observing reality as it is, through full attention to physical and mental sensations.


It focuses on developing a deep understanding of the impermanent nature of life and freeing the mind from suffering.

What is a Vipassana like?

padmasana lotus pose

During a Vipassana retreat, participants commit to silence and follow a code of moral conduct.


Its duration is ten days, in which its students must remain without leaving.


The technique is practiced through sitting meditation sessions guided by teacher S.N. Goenka (recordings).


If there is any doubt you can consult your disciples (teachers who are present throughout the retreat).

Do I have to have previous experience in meditation to do it?

No prior experience is required to participate in a Vipassana retreat.


Detailed instructions are offered and designed to be accessible to people of all levels of meditation experience.


During the retreat, participants adhere to a simple and complete vegetarian diet.


You eat 3 times a day, sleep for about 6 hours and meditate 9 or 10 hours a day.

Is physical yoga practice part of the a Vipassana retreat?

matsyasana india

There is no yoga or any other activity during the retreat as the main focus is meditation.


You cannot read, write, pray or exercise. Except walking, which is an activity practiced daily.


The idea is to get rid of all types of habits to have an open mind and permeable to meditation.


To clear their heads, students usually take a walk around the campus, which is usually in beautiful places.


It is an intense experience and requires a lot of dedication, since it is not easy to get rid of our daily thoughts and habits.

In short, Vipassana is a deep meditation practice.


It offers an opportunity to develop awareness, inner peace and self-understanding, regardless of previous meditation experience.

Do you want to get started in meditation but don't know if a Vipassana retreat is for you?

Well, there are other options.


Yoga Teacher Training is one of them. It is a more holistic training where movement is more involved.


In these courses you can go deeper into meditation and study the theory.


If you have any questions about meditation courses, whether Vipassana or any other type, do not hesitate to write to us.


We can recommend centers or you may be interested in some of the courses we offer.


We believe that the important thing is to be well informed before taking a step as important as the one you are about to take.

“May all beings be free from aversion and be happy. May peace and harmony prevail” S.N. Goenka

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