How to set up an aerial yoga studio?

Have you already finished your Aerial Yoga Teacher Training and are you considering setting up your own studio?

Don't know how to start?

Well, here is what you should keep in mind.


Set up an aerial yoga studio requires careful planning to ensure a safe and functional environment.

Here are some key tips for hanging and organizing swings in your future Yoga studio.

Let’s start with the space: make sure you have enough clearance and high ceilings to avoid obstacles during practices.


Leave at least 1.5/2 meters between swings so that practitioners have enough space to make safe movements.


Strong anchors or beams. There are different ways to hang the swings. In this article you can see 5 of them in detail. It is important that the material you use is certified and that a professional (engineer) gives you the go-ahead for the ceiling and walls.


The height of a standard ceiling (2.5m) is sufficient. The separation between the ends of the swing is measured with the hip distance. In a studio you should look for a broad standard measure.

To consider

If the ceiling is lower than 2.5m, place the swing limbs a little further apart than the standard hip width. When shortened, the rope/swing length can squeeze the swing a bit more because there is less opening.

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Orientation and Alignment – ​​Make sure swings are aligned correctly to avoid collisions or entanglement during practices.


Accessories and Safety: Use good quality carabiners and adjustable straps to securely attach swings.


Create a relaxing environment with soft lighting and music to encourage a state of calm and focus.


Periodically inspect anchors, swings and accessories to make sure they are in good condition and replace any damaged items.


This is an option too to set up an aerial yoga studio.

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Keep in mind that different types of swings are installed in different ways.


Depending on who you have done your yoga teacher training with, you will have to install a certain type of swing.


At Salty Water Yoga we teach to use all kinds of swings, thus satisfying the specific needs of teachers and practitioners.

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“Unlock your potential and inspire others through Aerial Yoga in paradise.”

Always remember to prioritize the safety of your practitioners and provide an inspiring space to explore the wonder of aerial yoga.


If you need more help or want to deepen your knowledge in this beautiful practice, do not hesitate to contact me.


You are about to immerse yourself in a project that will fill you with satisfaction, do it with responsibility and joy.

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