Useful Indonesian phrases

Bali, the island of the gods, is a perfect setting to embark on a mystical journey.


Immerse yourself in this transformative experience orchestrated with lush culture and landscapes. In this article, you will find useful Indonesian phrases.

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In Bali, you will find a paradise for your personal and spiritual growth.


Did you know that you can learn some useful Indonesian phrases for communication in a couple of weeks?

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Do you want to connect with the local community?

Well… Here are some useful words and phrases to facilitate communication.


“Terima kasih”(thank you), “Apa kabar?”(How are you?), “Sampai jumpa”(see you), are some examples.


Some important verbs:


Makan (eat), minum (drink), belajar (learn), tidur (sleep), praktik (practice), jalan jalan (walk), pergi (go)…

Useful Indonesian phrases:

Selamat pagi: Good morning
Selamat siang: Good afternoon
Selamat malam: Good night
Terima kasih: Thank you.
Sama-sama: You’re welcome.
Tolong: please
And so
Tidak: No.
Maaf: sorry
Apa kabar?: How are you?
Saya baik: I’m fine
Siapa nama Anda?: What is your name?
Nama saya…: My name is…
Di mana kamar mandi?: Where is the bathroom?
Tolong bicara pelan: Please speak slowly
Berapa harganya?: How much does it cost?
Tolong antar saya ke…: Please take me to…
Saya tidak mengerti: I don’t understand
Tolong tulis ini: Please write it down

Di mana rumah sakit?: where is there a hospital?


One difference is that the letter C is pronounced like a CH.


Most used adjectives:


Capek (tired), senang (happy), besar (big), kecil (small), mahal (expensive), murah (cheap), indah ((something) beautiful), susah (difficult).

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The Balinese appreciate the effort of someone from the outside to communicate, this will make them open their doors to you.


In this way, you will be able to get to know their culture better and maybe they will even invite you to eat at their house, cool, right?



Bali’s mystical vibrations resonate with the peace and mental clarity you need on this path.

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Hindu philosophy and Balinese spirituality complement each other harmoniously in this process.


The yoga community in Bali is warm and welcoming, providing you with support and friendship on your journey of transformation.


Yoga teacher training is a unique opportunity to deepen your practice, sharing your love of yoga with others.


Bali awaits you with open arms so you can discover the wonder of doing yoga teacher training!


Terima Kasih!

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