The meaning of Garudasana

The meaning of Garudasana: a symbolic flight into the rich heritage of yoga.

Asanas carry not only physical benefits, but also a deep connection to ancient mythologies and philosophies.


Garudasana, a menudo denominada Postura del Águila, es una de esas posturas que tiene un rico significado mitológico.


Derived from Hindu mythology, Garuda is a mythical bird that serves as the divine vehicle of Lord Vishnu.

postur del aquila
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Meaning of Garudasana (mythology)

Garuda was born from the cosmic eggs of his mother, Vinata.


The son of Kashyapa and Vinata, he is a crucial figure in Hindu mythology.


Described as a mythical bird, half man and half eagle, his story is full of intrigue and amazing feats.


His mother Vinata lost a bet against her sister Kadru and became a slave to the Nagas (snakes).


Garuda, wishing to free his mother, faced the Nagas to obtain Amrita, the nectar of immortality.


In order to obtain the Amrita, Garuda had to face challenging tests.


He flew up to Mount Mandara, where the Amrita was guarded by the deities and Nagas.


Using his immense power, he fought against the Nagas and avoided the deities to bring the Amrita to the gods.


Despite his victories, Garuda decided not to drink the Amrita, as he wanted to free his mother before anything else.


He made a deal with the Nagas, offering them the Amrita in exchange for Vinata’s release.


True to his word, Garuda freed his mother from her bondage.


Due to his immense devotion, he was granted the privilege of carrying Lord Vishnu across the heavens.

This association with flight and strength is reflected in the physical posture of Garudasana.

In this asana one leg is wrapped around the other while the arms are entwined in an eagle embrace.

garuda meaning
Garuda Wisnu Kencana statue, Bali.

This imitates the majesty and grace of Garuda in flight.


Beyond its striking appearance, the pose has deep symbolism.


He embodies the delicate balance between strength and flexibility, reflecting Garuda’s dual nature as a fierce bird and devoted servant.


Practitioners are reminded of the importance of harmonizing opposites and finding balance in their lives.


Garudasana is not simply a physical challenge; it is an invitation to explore your own inner strength, focus and balance.

Eagle Pose

The intense concentration required to hold the pose reflects Garuda’s unwavering commitment to Lord Vishnu.


This symbolic act of devotion is a reminder to cultivate dedication and mindfulness in practice and in life.


Incorporating Garudasana into a yoga routine is not just about stretching and strengthening the body.


It is a holistic experience that taps into the timeless wisdom of mythology.


The next time you practice this posture, we advise you to think of Garuda and his majestic and energetic flight.

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