Meaninng of Bhujangasana

Cobra Symbolism in Bhujangasana: The Legend of the Churning of the Cosmic Ocean

The meaning of Bhujangasana (cobra pose) has deep roots in Hindu mythology, specifically in this fascinating story.

The Epic of the Churning of the Ocean

At the dawn of the universe, Devas (gods) and Daityas (demons) joined together in the search for the Elixir of Immortality.


To find it, they decided to stir up the cosmic ocean, represented by the Milky Way.

They used Mount Mandara as a beating stick and Vasuki, the king of snakes, as a shaking rope.


In this effort, Vishnu transformed into a turtle supporting the mountain at the bottom of the ocean.

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The Appearance of Poison

The process was challenging, with the ocean initially as dense as an unplowed field.

Suddenly, an indigo poison emerged, threatening to destroy the participants in the company and the entire universe.


Shiva, the Destroyer, interrupted his meditation and allowed the poison to enter his mouth, neutralizing it with his ascetic power.

Since then, he has been known as Nilakantha, “He whose throat is blue”, as his entire mouth was dyed indigo blue.

The cobra, a sacred garland adorning Shiva, represents his power and wisdom.

The Cobra and its Symbolism

Its blue throat, a symbol of good omen and power, shows that power does not have to be malevolent.

The cobra’s ability to stand upright mirrors the human spine in its highest posture.

Lessons from the Cobra

Just as Shiva neutralized the poison, we can learn to address the toxins of our experiences and find transformation.

significado de la cobra

The meaning of Bhujangasana reminds us that by facing difficulties with wisdom and inner power, we can overcome any challenge on our path to well-being.

The meaning of Bhujangasana embodies the essence of the mythology of the Churning of the Cosmic Ocean.

It reminds us that we can transform adversity into growth and wisdom.

This posture not only strengthens our body, but also our mind and spirit, offering timeless lessons in resilience and transformative power.


Text based on the book The Stories Behind the Poses.

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