Improve your flexibility.

improve your flexibility

Gaining flexibility is one of the main benefits of aerial yoga and also one of the reasons why people want to start practicing it. Improving your flexibility will have a great impact on your health and wellbeing. Although it could take a great effort to achieve it, aerial yoga can help you through the process.

improve your flexibility


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As you develop flexibility, you will feel fewer pain in your muscles and joints as when you did when you first started exercising. 


As we get older or because of our lifestyle, we become less flexible and this can make us feel pain when we move around. When we stretch and we increase the range of motion, we most likely alleviate these pains in the future.


Aerial yoga is a great way to implement a routine with poses that target flexibility in order to have fewer problems in the long term.


The more you practice aerial yoga, the easiest it becomes to achieve different poses. This can make you feel confident and with a sense of achievement and pride of yourself.

How does Aerial Yoga help with Flexibility?


First of all, with the support of the aerial yoga swing or yoga hammock, it is simpler to get into poses that you may not be able to do on the mat as a beginner. The muscles and tendons can be more deeply stretched in a supported way which is crucial when gaining flexibility.


Also, aerial yoga makes it easier to do inversions. These types of poses have a wide range of health benefits and they’re excellent to enhance flexibility. When we are in an inversion, the reverse pull of gravity allows the spine, muscles and tendons to lengthen. So, this will make you more flexible.

Aerial yoga also targets the attention to the entire body. When we focus on the body as a whole, we pay attention to renewing the energy throughout all body parts which will leave us feeling boosted and revitalized. It is paramount that we gain flexibility targeting our whole boy, not only some parts of it.



Another way to gain flexibility, is to hold certain asanas for longer periods of time. If you practice traditional mat-based yoga, this can be more difficult. Practicing aerial yoga will make this more doable.



Last but not least, it is important to point out that improving your flexibility is a process.


If you are stretching, take it step by step to avoid hurting yourself. You should never feel pain or discomfort since this can cause you an injury. 


Try to not push your body but flow with it, take your time and, most important, have fun!





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