What do you need to become an aerial yoga teacher?

Aerial Yoga has gained immense popularity in recent years.


This is due to its unique combination of traditional yoga poses adapted and transferred to the swing.


In the practice of Aerial Yoga we use all the wisdom and benefits of Yoga, opening new unexplored paths.


If you have been captivated by the magic of floating and flying on the swing, here we will tell you what you need to become an aerial yoga teacher.

aerial yoga ytt

Master the fundamentals: start by taking a Yoga instructor.

Attending a yoga teacher training program is essential to understanding the fundamental principles of yoga.


You will learn different styles of yoga, philosophy, history, and anatomy, as they form the backbone of the YTT.


Experience Aerial Yoga: Immerse yourself in aerial yoga classes to develop a solid understanding of the practice.


This experience will deepen your personal practice, allowing you to refine your skills and also gain insight into teaching techniques.

Aerial Yoga Teacher Training: look for specialized training centers.

These comprehensive programs cover safety, rigging, spotting, sequencing, teaching methodology, assisting and how to adapt traditional asanas to swing.


There are face-to-face, others include an online part and a face-to-face part.


At Salty Water Yoga we have created a 100% in person, in Bali. 50hs Aerial Yoga Teacher Training.


In this way you can enjoy an island paradise and a deep practice.


It will be your teachers, from whom you will absorb their knowledge and techniques, who will make a course you like or not.


For this reason, we recommend looking for information about the people in charge of the course.


Like different Yoga centers and on social media to see if you are interested in the teacher’s approach.


That being said, we wish you the best on this beautiful path that you are about to travel.

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