How to avoid a bloated stomach?

How to improve digestion, better assimilate nutrients and avoid a bloated stomach?


Combining food properly.


Foods are classified as acidic or alkaline based on the effect they have on the body. This is regardless of the pH they have.

Foods high in protein, such as meat and cheese, increase acid production.


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On the contrary, the intake of carbohydrates, such as potatoes or cereals, promote the release of enzymes that alkalize the body.


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Thus, when we eat certain foods at the same time, we release both types of enzymes. This creates a neutral environment that inhibits and delays the digestive process, which we must avoid.


This can cause fermentation of sugars and putrefaction of proteins in the stomach, causing inflammation, gas and heaviness.

What are the most recommended combinations and which ones should we avoid?

Steak with mashed potatoes, siesta guaranteed!


Starchy vegetables, such as grains and root vegetables, are digested in an alkaline environment. Proteins are digested in an acidic environment.


By combining these two foods, the acidic juices are neutralized with the alkaline ones, thus causing an increase in the energy requirement to digest them.

Hence the “food coma” after a meal like this.


To this is added the prolongation of the digestion time of food, which after a certain time at temperatures of 37° begin to produce gases.


Starchy vegetables can be combined!


The ideal is to combine starches (pasta, cereals, vegetables) with vegetables with low starch content, such as green leaves, broccoli and carrots.

So how do you avoid a bloated stomach?

Both animal and vegetable proteins do not mix!


They are the most difficult group to digest due to their complexity, which is why we must avoid combining different types of meat or legumes.


On the contrary, it is recommended to consume them with non-starchy vegetables such as green leaves.


Not fruit for dessert!!!


Fruits are digested quickly (approximately half an hour) due to their high sugar content.


For this reason, it is not recommended to consume them after a meal, since the sugars would remain undigested for a while, thus generating fermentation and an increase in acidity.


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