Yoga Music

Enhance your yoga practice with the power of music.


Yoga Music: a harmonious union that can take your practice to new heights.


There are those who prefer silence, those who prefer the sounds of nature and those who fancy music.


Music can help us detach ourselves from our thoughts and get a little closer to inner peace.


Like following the hypnotic pendulum, but instead of doing it with our eyes, with our ears.


In addition to the ears, music enters through the body as a set of vibrations.

Yoga Music Playlist

Music for Meditation and Yin classes, or smooth Flows and Vinyasas.

Ideal music to accompany the stages of the vinyasa classes of both aerial and mat yoga.

Music can have a number of physical effects on our bodies.

It can influence heart rate and blood pressure to stimulate the release of pleasure-related neurotransmitters.


It is a powerful form of expression that can affect us in many different ways.


The music has the ability to create a serene environment, amplifying and accompanying the benefits of yoga.

Live music class of 12 min. Click on the photo.

Rhythmic tunes and calming tunes can deepen your connection to the body and breath.


Appropriate music can help you find inner peace, improving concentration and relaxation.


Soft instruments and voices encourage a calm and meditative state of mind.

More recommendations from the account from Salty Water Yoga – Spotify

Vinyasa – 90min.

Yoga Aéreo – 90min.

Yin Yoga 90min.

Discover the power of music in your yoga practice and unlock new dimensions of tranquility.


Let the harmonious combination of movement, breath and melody transport you to a state of happiness and liberation.


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