How to relieve lower back pain?

Sometimes, the hustle and bustle of our daily lives do not allow us to listen to our body when it is urgently asking us for help. We usually let time pass until the back pain becomes unbearable.


Today, your body may be sending you small signals that are very important. For example, if you have felt a strange discomfort in the area of ​​your waist, lower back or lumbar, it is an alert that you should listen to. First, recognize the possible causes, which is probably one of these.

lower back relief

Possible causes of back pain:

  • Being under a lot of stress.
  • Not having good posture when walking or even sitting.
  • Having suffered a fall in which the lower back was compromised.
  • Lack of exercise or any other physical activity.

Even age and pregnancy are determining factors.
This pain can last from a couple of days to long and insufferable weeks. What you can do to relieve it is to look for alternatives that release the tension and activate your lower back. In this way, you can say goodbye to that martyrdom definitively.


Relieve pain with Aerial Yoga

One of those options, and maybe the best according to my perspective, is aerial yoga.


This style of yoga includes postures and movements that will benefit the muscular and joint flexibility of that area.


By practicing aerial yoga, you will experience a significant decrease in your stress levels. It is closely connected to your mind.


In the event that you are in a gestation process, there are sessions oriented specifically for you. It is advisable to practice prenatal yoga. It is not advisable to join a conventional class.

lower back pain

Finally, aerial yoga will improve your posture naturally, since, by remaining in the air in the inversion position, your spine will experience a decompression. It will force you to relax and release all those tensions that you have accumulated, which will lead to relief of the tension on your spine.


At the same time, you will tone the core to protect the lower back.


Try it for yourself or yourself!

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If you don’t have a swing don’t worry, I can help you get one.


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