Fly Yoga Teacher Training

Whether to enrich your classes or personal experience, the fly yoga teacher training will help you.


The one-week course offers the opportunity to deeply understand the fundamentals and objectives of aerial yoga practice.


In this way it is possible to transcend beyond the superficial layers of the mind.


The practice becomes a genuine expression of our true nature and a moment of liberation.

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Fly Yoga Teacher Training is an invitation to stop judging yourself and adopt an attitude of playful exploration.


It focuses on developing body awareness and promoting wholeness to guide your classes safely.

Who is this fly yoga teacher training for?

Aerial yoga is suitable for all ages and helps unlock the essence of childhood.


This training is aimed at:

profesorado de yoga aereo
  • Those who have already taken yoga instructor training and want to expand their skills with a transformative approach.
  • For those who feel stuck in their aerial yoga practice or class and are looking for fresh inspiration.
  • To aerial yoga practitioners looking for a space to discover themselves, play, and learn.

Imagine freeing yourself from that internally generated self-judgment in our minds.


Letting thoughts pass, without being judged, and all this in a playful way.


Encourages body awareness, promotes attention and improves mental clarity and presence, especially in inverted postures.

What makes this fly yoga teacher training different?

capacitacion de yoga aereo

We focus on addressing and overcoming common challenges faced by those leading an aerial yoga class.


In addition, it stands out for the combination of traditional yoga principles with contemporary practices.


Its structure is designed to make the understanding and assimilation of knowledge more accessible.

What are the contents of the fly yoga training?

Introduction to Training:
Understand the philosophy of yoga through Patanjali’s Yoga Sutras, explore the history, benefits and types of swings.

The 3 Pillars of the instructor:
Free yourself from your inner critic and connect with your inner child through a practice guided by breathing.

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Awaken Creativity:
Create a safe and playful environment to explore, express yourself and try different flight transitions with the swing.

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Asana Laboratory:
Analyze aerial yoga poses, understand their bases and purposes, and explore the possibilities offered by the aerial yoga swing.

Learn to assist in a personalized way to help those who learn with you to deepen their relaxation and stretching.

Teaching Methodology:
Cultivate communication skills to guide aerial yoga classes and address scary situations.

Understands the anatomy applied to yoga and the biomechanics of the body.

secuencia de yoga aereo

Learn how to create your own aerial yoga sequences using provided guidelines.

Key considerations before and during class, both in relation to practice and equipment.

Practice Teach:
Important considerations for teaching.

Learn crucial aspects of the business to make a living doing what you love and connect with the international community.

What do you get?

  • The Aerial Yoga Swing
  • The Aerial Yoga Manual
  • Healthy breakfast buffet
  • Support from the teacher after you finish your training
  • All props required for practice
  • Certification by Yoga Alliance®*
  • Salty Water Yoga & Yoga Dunia Diploma

Example of a yoga teacher training day on Lembongan, Bali:

yoga lembongan
  • 7am -8:00 Yoga Class
  • Breackfast
  • 9:00am-11am Lectures*
  • Lunch 
  • 1pm-3pm Lectures
  • 3pm-4pm Yoga Class
  • 4pm Free time to use the Shala

*Lectures includes Theory, Asana Labs and practical exercises.

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