5 Tips to improve your Aerial Yoga

Hello, my name is Pilu from Salty Water Yoga. Today I bring you 5 tips to improve your aerial yoga practice.

How to prevent our hands from getting trapped when we go to upside-down?

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I take the swing a little bit wider than hip distance and I push it down.


To position it against the sacrum I’m going to elevate the heels.


I hug the hips with the swing, hands are free.


From here I enter into the upside-down and my hands will be free all the time.

How to prevent the swing from slipping when we position it and go to inversion?

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I position the swing at the sacrum and once it’s there, I create a little tension by squeezing the swing against my hip.


The hands do not move, I put the weight of my body on the swing and once I lift my feet, then I can move my hands, without the swing moving out of place.

How to make a healthy spine extension?

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I place the swing against the sacrum, step in, elevate my feet and keep my legs hip-width apart.


I activate the glutes, the toes point down.


I take the swing more or less at the height of my shoulders and little by little I begin to extend my spine, I open my chest, I can slide my hands down.


The feet continue to carry the weight down and what I’m looking for is to extend and open the chest.


I can stay with my hands on the swing or on my ankles.

How to use more arm strength to avoid ending up contracting the trapezius?

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When I do a warrior, I’m going to make sure my elbows are pointing down, so I can hold on to the swing and use arm strength, instead of my elbows up and tightening my traps.


We can practice the same when we get up off the ground, to develop arm strength.

How to prevent the swing from squeezing us?

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In certain poses we can feel that the swing is too tight, to avoid this we are going to activate the muscles.


It can also happen that in the forward entry, the swing bothers us because it sometimes digs into the hip flexors. To solve this we move the swing towards the upper part of the quadriceps, that’s why we bring heel to tail, so that it slides towards the quadriceps.

Thanks for stopping by, I hope the tips have been useful and you can subscribe to my YouTube channel for more Aerial Yoga content.

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