Yoga Certifications

It is essential to choose reputable yoga certifications that align with your goals and values.


The idea of this article is to clarify the most common doubts of those who want to become Yoga Alliance certified teachers.


When choosing a training endorsed by Yoga Alliance, verify the specific requirements of the course you are interested in, as entry criteria may vary.

What do I need to be a yoga teacher certified by Yoga Alliance?

To begin, you must complete the 200-hour training. This training is not for yoga beginners but for experienced practitioners who wish to teach classes.


The requirement to register:

  • Have years of experience practicing yoga. Some schools specify the recommended amount.

Can I add shorter courses to reach the 200 hours of the RYT® 200?

No, the 200-hour training meets specific standards to ensure a solid foundation and grasp the philosophy of Yoga. It’s not just a number; the content and structure are designed to train yoga professionals.


Even if you complete several shorter trainings that add up to 200 hours, it doesn’t mean you’ve covered the necessary content to be certified as a 200-hour RYT (Registered Yoga Teacher).


To teach yoga classes, you must first complete a 200-hour course, and upon completion, you’ll receive the RYT 200-hour certification that qualifies you as a teacher.

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200hs Yoga Teacher Training

Vinyasa & Yin Yoga

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So what are the 50, 100 hour or short courses for?


The shorter YACEP courses are meant to expand your experience as a practitioner and professional.


The requirement for enrollment:

  • Having a RYT 200 certificate.

The advantage of YACEP (Yoga Alliance Continuing Education Provider) trainings is that you don’t have to study everything again, as they don’t have to meet the same standards as the 200-hour courses.


By enrolling in a short course (YACEP), you’ll study the specific topic offered by the training without needing to repeat what you learned in the 200-hour course.


For instance, if your 200-hour training was in Vinyasa & Yin, once you’ve obtained the certification, you can join a 50-hour YACEP training in Aerial Yoga. Upon completion, you’ll have accumulated 250 hours.

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50hs Yoga Teacher Training

Aerial Yoga

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How do I reach the 500 hours to obtain an RYT® 500?

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After your 200-hour course, you can accumulate 300 hours by taking an advanced course (RYS 300).


The requirements for enrollment:

  • Hold a RYT 200 certificate

If your intention is to teach, it is advisable that, once you have obtained the 200-hour certification, you take time to assimilate what you have learned and then immerse yourself again in further training.


Some yoga studios offer 500-hour courses.

Similarly to the 200-hour RYT, taking many courses of less than 300 hours won’t count towards reaching the 500 hours.


This doesn’t guarantee the acquisition of 500 valid hours for the course.


The 300-hour course is meant to ensure continuity in education and a comprehensive understanding of concepts and philosophy.


As mentioned before, YACEP courses are intended to expand your knowledge, usually in specific practices.

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110hs Yoga Teacher Training

Vinyasa & Anatomy

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Can I take a 300-hour course before the 200-hour course?

Yes, but…

Text extracted from the Yoga Alliance website:

Yes! As of July 15, 2019, RYSs may renew their yoga teacher training programs independently of each other. As of October 1, 2019, yoga teacher training programs may apply for RYS 300 credentials without also holding RYS 200 credentials.


*It is important to note that a trainee may not register with only a 300-hour training from a RYS 300 because registration requires knowledge of the foundational concepts that are covered in a 200-hour training. While it is possible for a trainee to complete a RYS 300 training before their foundational RYS 200 training, the trainee will need to complete both in order to register with us. After they complete the RYS 200 training and accumulate at least 100 teaching hours, they will be able to register with us as an RYT 500. 

In other words, you can take the course, but you cannot get certified.

An example of how to become a yoga teacher

I briefly share with you my path as a yoga professional.




The first 200 hours: Ashtanga Mysore, 2017 (not certified by the Yoga Alliance), I did it with a recognized teacher in Mysore, India. That same year, I completed a 40-hour YACEP course in Aerial Yoga. Since my initial 200 hours were not certified by the Yoga Alliance, these 40 hours were not accredited.

In 2019, I finished a 50-hour YACEP course in Yin Yoga and another in Applied Anatomy to Yoga. These hours also didn’t count towards the Yoga Alliance because I hadn’t yet completed the required 200 hours with this certifying body.

Between 2019 and 2020, I did mentorship in Aerial Yoga, totaling 100 hours that I couldn’t include in my YA hours.

Finally, in 2020, I completed a 200-hour Vinyasa course certified by the Yoga Alliance.

In 2021, I finished another 300-hour course in Hatha, Vinyasa, and Ashtanga, also certified by the Yoga Alliance.

The next training I undertake will be reflected in my Yoga Alliance hours.

My credential is 500 RYT, actually it’s E-RYT 500 due to my experience, which enables me to conduct training programs; that’s why it has the ‘E’ in front.


I hope this information is useful and clear. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me.

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