Healing music

All bodies (be it a building, a rope or our own body) vibrate with certain frequencies.


Thinking about music for healing is the idea that sound can tune into our health. Sound highlights the “frequent” nature of our bodies.


That is, its ability to resonate with vibrations generated by external influences, such as in this case, sound waves.

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Has it ever happened to you that a sound (the passing of a truck for example) generated a vibration in your chest?


Plato and Pythagoras already talked about the effect of music in the treatment of disorders and diseases.

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Each sound has a frequency determined by the speed at which the object that emits said sound vibrates.


Slow vibrations generate low frequencies and fast vibrations generate high frequencies. These are expressed in Hertz (Hz).


The audible limits for the human ear being: 20Hz (lower limit) and 20,000 Hz (upper limit).

Healing Music

Solfeggio frequencies:


They are a set of frequencies used in music and sound therapy.


Believed to have healing and spiritual effects on the human body.

Below you will find a list of the most outstanding Solfeggio Frequencies:


285 Hz – Incites the healing of cells and tissues, which allows the body to rejuvenate.
337 Hz – Stabilizes blood circulation.
396 Hz – Helps combat low frequency thoughts or sensations, such as fear or guilt.
528 Hz – The frequency of love. Helps reduce the stress hormone, cortisol.
625 Hz – Helps liver function.
639 Hz – Balances the ability to relate to others and strengthens self-esteem.
741 Hz – Cleanses cells, eliminating toxins.
764 Hz – Normalizes the nervous system.
852 Hz – Promotes intuition.
963 Hz – Activates the pineal gland, brings you closer to the spirit and restores each structure to its initial and pure state.

They are very specific frequencies that are difficult to reproduce in isolation (certainly used in studies in this regard).


With this concept we want to highlight the importance of music and sounds in general in our body.

Appropriate music can help you find inner peace, improving concentration and relaxation.


Discover the power of music in your yoga classes or practices and unlock new dimensions of tranquility.

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