Attitude: the best weapon

attitude the best weapon



A documentary about three men hunting in Africa sticks out in my mind. Their weapon was entirely invisible:



attitude the best weapon

Waiting behind a rock, they waited for the lions to hunt and kill the prey. When the pride started to eat, the three men made their appearance brandishing only their confident attitude. They walked towards the pride of lions waiting for one of them to run away so the rest will follow, and actually, that is exactly what happened. The pride looked at them without knowing what to expect and ran away “from danger”. The three hunters had the green light to go and cut a piece of the prey and leave before the lions realized there was no danger.


attitude the best weapon

Knowledge of lions and their behavior is admittedly something I’m not too hot on. But this story is one I remember time and time again and how it parallels how we manifest in our own lives.


Following the subject of ATTITUDE, I recently read this:


“Instead of asking, what do I have to give up? Ask, what do I want to go big on?’

Book: Essentialism, @gregorymckeown


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I feel like life is constantly showing us our attitude towards anything (relationships, work, money), influences these very things themselves. Manifest what you truly desire by asking the Universe what you DO want, and not what you don’t.


Interesting fact:

The Dorobo are an ancient tribe that lives in East Africa. Conservations law, now stop many of their traditional practice and so threaten the whole way of life. The conservation program is called “The Guardians” – The BBC

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